Secret Sex Service

by Firepower

Silly Roosh – He Had To Pay His Own Expenses

Law enforcement types with privileges to carry guns, VAST powers of intimidation (harshly used on Ted Nugent) and arrest over American citizens are hypocritical disgraces when breaking laws punishable in America.

Whores are legal in Colombia – great.

Would Armed SS be excused if they want to have sex with 13-year-old Colombian whores? Do cocaine with said whores on Colombian soil? In Obama-Xlinton World, you bet. The interwebz is full of now grown-up kids, raised on Clintonian Scandal, parroting empty-headed drivel that shrugs at decadence.

The Big Problem these shallow thinkers fail to grasp: These Praetorian Guard, Armed SS are the VERY jackbooted government fascists who’d be the FIRST to ….….happily turn guns on Americans if His Majesty commanded so. Hey, they can shoot you – it’s legal; it’s fun. Waco. Ruby Ridge. License to Kill, and all that jazz. Let’s take a pic of the swingin’ harddick action – and the bodies – for facebook.

They are a disgrace and dishonor to America: That’s saying a lot, for a country that’s tumbled into the overflowing toilet of apathy.  If they’re so stupid as to trust an Affirmative African-Action bitchbeast with their “little secret” on account of her being On The Team – I relish their punishment. Never mind these HeroCOPS!® are/were married. These pampered triggermen never thought of the consequences to America’s image if their Little Secret were – oh, say – discovered.

“International SEX Trafficking!” is loudly screeched at by the Pelosis and Wasserman-Schultzies when it’s merely some Little Guy fat dork appliance salesman wanting to get it wet in young stuff in Thailand. But, when it’s The King’s Men – The King’s Women are…silent. Hypocrites.

Armed Americans on foreign soil are held to different standards. While defending Saudi Arabia’s oil, US troops in strenuous combat danger couldn’t even wear crucifixes – and still aren’t sanctioned to drink alcohol in Muslim nations. If a soldier getting shot at daily by Taliban is caught with a fifth of Jim Beam – he is punished. Severely. Generalissimo Obama would rifle-off a diplomatic grovel, bow, then take a page out of his bravura, pompous Henry Gates Jr. racist fiasco pontification to say “they acted …stupidly!” And, quickly send the offended country a $2 Trillion Aid Package apology.

Pot is legal in Amsterdam, but that still gives no justification that it’s okey-dokey for the SS to indulge. Nor underage boy-cornholing in Afghanistan. Just for shits n’ giggles, cuz, it’s like legal n’ stuff, ya know…

The crucial matter is what is legal – back here – in America.

Not that much matters here, anymore – unless you dare call The King a turd.


4 Comments to “Secret Sex Service”

  1. I’m not going to even go there on the morality side of things. The real problem here is the conspiracy amongst a large team of professionals to do a job they were well paid for properly. And the lack of pride/principles this involves.
    I could go on but TLDR.

  2. Firepower,

    What’s your beef with 1STD? Seems to me that he’s a racial realist, a conservative. I don’t know if you’re banned there, but extremists don’t go over well there.

    • It’s all the same pussy-footing around the subject.
      Albeit, done in a remarkably bright way.
      In the end, it’s polite bull –
      Erudite whining.
      On a level far below even Mangan, who I also “like.”
      It’s The Daily Outrage! dressed up with Pretty Words.

      I actually do “like” ferdie, piggie, mangy, STD et al.
      But, all they do is gripe.
      I can get that better from Rush Limbaugh.
      I call them bitchers – and they ban. A worrisome trait for “communicators.”

      Be careful, or we’ll still be talking about fighting
      when we’re eighty.

      But by then, instead of 4 billion – there’ll be 9 Billion bloggers/pundits/TV shows.
      So they’ll have to be Hot Chicks to get anybody to pay attention over the din.

  3. pretty sure they were on off time don’t ya think

    funny though even the secret service knows where the good ass is

    what ya think obma was doing he he he

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