“Best of the Best” Shot and Killed: Be a Coward

by Ryu

It isn’t so hard when you do it right.

The highest compliment a cop can give is to call a criminal a “coward.”

Cowards are hard to catch. Cops like a standup fight, where they can mass their forces, call for hundreds of backup, get the chopper in the air, and establish a perimeter.

It is obvious why the shooter killed himself afterwards.

The time to discovery for dead cops is about 3 minutes. To GAWI under such circumstances is extraordinarily hard. There would have been a large police response and he would have been either shot imprisoned for life.

No one can stay vigilant 24/7. Not even cops, SWATzis, SEALs or Marines. Don’t expect them to ever publicly admit this though. In fact, when they have to be as vunerable and as helpless as the public, they often self-kevorkian, a hidden cause behind cops and soldier suicides.

Also, don’t feel too much sympathy for the officer families. They will be getting a phat payout, about $300,000 with the funeral paid for, benefits given, and no doubt a Hero donation drive.

We take time to salute the Bardstown shooter, who is still free to this very day.

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