Tex Arcane: The Zombie Apocalypse Actually Happened and is a “Ghost” in the Male Thal Psyche

by Ryu

This is an “inspired” post. The credit belongs entirely to Tex and “The One.”

Imagine being the only sane thing left.

Stalked by flesh eating monsters, hordes of them. They don’t think, they can’t think. All they can do is walk around, grunt, attack and eat human flesh.

Tex tells us this happened.

Neanderthals and Sapiens did not have a “peaceful” meeting. Black Saps invaded Thal lands in Europe, VASTLY outnumbering the Thal.

Saps would kill and eat the white male Thals. (To gain their power, as some Africans do even now).

…then, keep the white female Thals alive to rape their genes into. Offspring from this union would be kept alive. The male offspring would become Jannissaries or shock troops for the Saps. The female offspring would become camp whores like their mothers.

Tex says the Thals had two responses to this.

One group ran up to the cold North and to the mountains, where the Saps could not follow. Another group provided a distraction so the other could escape. This group made a “last stand” in the Southern Iberian penninsula.

Pictures the “horror” of fighting down to the last Thal…

…as hordes and human-waves of Saps keep coming forward, killing your friends, eating them, ripping them apart. And knowing that was your fate as well.


Even though this occurred over 40,000 years ago, the terror has remained in the racial memory. One notes immediately how survivalism (vault building) is almost exclusively a white phenomenon (whites being Thal-Sap hybrids.) This new obession with the zombie apocalypse also belongs mainly to white men.

You really can’t logic or reason with zombies or Saps. There are too many to kill or injure, so violence is largely futile.

13 Comments to “Tex Arcane: The Zombie Apocalypse Actually Happened and is a “Ghost” in the Male Thal Psyche”

  1. Tex was great, it’s true it doesn’t matter how many you kill there will always be a replacement, there are much better ways.

    • Eric Rudolph realized that about ZOG’s slave soldiers, Marky Mark.

      He had a chance to kill 2 agents. Learned they were replaceable meat.

  2. Texas Arcane’s Theory is great and destroys the Out of Africa Theory. However they both forget the posibility of the possible Gibraltar Land Bridge that could have existed during each glacial period. I like the theory as a rhetorical device, but I absolutley cannot believe Neanderthals or Sapiens did not attempt to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, or a possible land bridge.

  3. What are the better ways Markus?

    • Shame… Ridicule… Mockery… These “mechanisms” coupled with the amplifying technologies of the cyber-space will have a far greater effectiveness than the minuscule instances of white racial self-annihilation (lone white wolf assassinating ZOG (white) slave soldier).

      The aim is to turn back on racial self-annihilation.

      • It’s not self annihilation if you gawi @thordaddy.

        Start small chicken shit. If I can do it, you can.

      • Maureen…

        When a white man kills a white man, it is racial self-annihilation whether one GAWI or not. ZOG would love nothing more than this very scenario on a mass scale.

      • What are we supposed to do with white liberals, TD? Educate them?

      • “White liberals” are self-annihilators. A white Supremacist is not a self-annihilator.

        What you do is entirely dependent on what you are?

      • You are suggesting, we wait them out?

        Long time to wait, TD. One might say the nightclub scene is self annihilating. But the new faces keep showing up, week after week. There is always fresh blood coming in. The dancers leave after a few years. Management comes and go, but the club stays open.

      • I am suggesting that you reject all acts of self-annihilation… And this will keep you plenty occupied.

    • Written on this site

  4. “White Liberals” engage in (S)elf (A)nnihilation, as in all practitioners of (R)adical (A)utonomy.

    Trump is an enabler of (R)adical (A)utonomy, the same way the legions of right leaning practitioners of (R)adical (A)utonomy are in conflict with their left leaning practitioners as to whom receives the defacto power to control Murka’s (R)adical (A)utonomous state.

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