Future Uniforms Part II: Your Rulers’ Contempt

by Firepower

Almost As Nice – as Our Second Cottage!

The Attitude Beneath Purple Silk

Decadence is not just in Jersey, but in housewives (and rotted, enabling house husbands) of Orange County, Beverly Hills, NYC, Atlanta – and the dozens more soulless junkshows clogging your cable guide. The only redeeming value is seeing and knowing what they really think of you. The decay is in houses all throughout the once-great nation. A picture, really is worth – a million keystrokes.

The 30 foot Xmas tree is criteria for judging your…… relationship vis-a-vis the elite – plus square footage of your McMansion and it’s number of fur toilets and walk-in fireplaces.

The undeserving anchor along for the ride is the botoxed, preserved troutpout wife found in Jersey Housewives with the obnoxious entitlement and demeaning attitude – brought about purely by her “unique” ability to look nice and trim in youth, spread her legs and give infrequent, sloppy porn-oral to beta poseurs.

(Check out that link above from the New York Times; I don’t recommend much from that source; it’s quite informative.)

More than frivolously discarding luxury you’d cherish, these families have the sweet inner peace of never knowing privation, fear – or danger. It is the sudden, arrogant ferocity of the Lottery winner believing themselves ordained as better, simply by being lucky. It is the Duke as lottery winner in life; entitled by a title and nothing else. No meritocracy – that’s decades dead in Amerexa. Just mindless consumption riding on the backs of the Peasant.  Today it’s likely Chinese and Mexican peasants. They’re no threat because they’re a thousand miles away – but you are a sight walled-off and forgotten in the Gated Castle walls. You no longer have a function.

So, the TV plotters could actually formulate additional shows called Palm Springs Housewives, Bayonne Housewives or Boise Housewives and you’d still see the same crass selfishness defining today’s wasted Amerexa. It does not matter how many shows you study. The important fact is: You have within your own county lines, fashionable zip codes with the same people. They’ll die and leave their money – and values – to worse: The truculent spawn these wasters produce will make the parents seem saintly. Their dissolute grandchildren will inherit debt to join yours in government-run tenements implemented to suppress riots.

These reality show cows were the “hot” girls in the 80s and 90s that wouldn’t slow-dance with you to Creep by Radiohead. Looking at them now – feel lucky you didn’t. Yet, they’re still more human than today’s amoral, dim 20-ish girl-creeps that dump their bastards on their own babysitting, enabling single mom for a night of boozing and hookup sex at the local club. The problem is the systemic degeneracy worsening with every succeeding generation. You can not create a noble movement out of dumb rabble.

These are the uniforms of the lords, their ladies, the heirs and their dynasties – lounging in the castle. You’ll not be privy to see the lords of MSNBC, the Attorney General or the GSA at home indulging in play, but it’s worse – as is the attitude toward those not invited to luxuriate at the 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner – nor any feast on up to the 2062 WHC Dinner. This is why The Hunger Games has such current wide appeal – and why that resentful attitude is useful. You’ll never change America without the blind, inconsolable rage of youth.

Then, there is the most important: The uniform of the peasants… in Part III.


9 Responses to “Future Uniforms Part II: Your Rulers’ Contempt”

  1. Hey, I like wearing purple silk! And I only have one house. 🙂

    [ed note: i bet you have a tiara and scepter, too]

  2. Firepower – you are spoiling us rotten with this output.
    On a sadder note (viewed from my Oirish telly) – Instead of the Stepford Wives – the Murican guys seem to have ended up with the Clepford Wives.
    Then I always suspected this would be the case having watched the original.

    [ed note: pure propaganda. in reality, America is actually Stepford Hubby. Pussified, brainwashed Robots, even]

    • Which is why they made the Stepford Wives. I understand to help brainwash Muricanz. Seems to have worked though.
      Hmm – wonder who was responsible for this gobshite propaganda?

  3. watch out for chicks with giant foreheads he he he

    [ed note: i happen to lurv that jenn sterger]

  4. Thanks this is stuff I’ve not read before and oh, good blog. Most people just watch tv and never put it together that our world is full of problems, even with *reality tv* And no, I’m not an ows portester kind.

  5. One interprets the prescience of Firepower, but is left baffled by his individual retirement?

    If DEGENERACY is all about *you* then desire for (S)upremacy is your ONLY RECOURSE.

    There is no personal solution to collective degeneracy OUTSIDE individual desire for (S)upremacy.

    And if you are a white man amongst degenerating homicidal maniacs with a desire for (S)upremacy AS your only personal solution to collective degeneracy THEN…

    You are a white (S)upremacist.

    This ^^^ is your BASELINE FRAME.

    If one DOES NOT START from this frame, he is effectively retired, ie., tolerant of existing parallel to the collective degeneracy so as to be indistinguishable from the masses.

    Ergo, one submits to the “universal equality” of absolute degeneracy.

    • FP’s teaching is present, in me. If that is the presence you sense. Might be a ghost.

      What’s wrong with homicide, brah? We need to eradicate the minos. Be a white supremacist homicidal maniac. To GAWI homicide is very, very hard. A degenerate could not do it now.

      • Homicidal maniacs are, by definition, “terminable without consent.” In this vain, they are equal to the para-sights ONLY differing by their narrowed focus on manic homicide.

        So again…

        A white (s)upremacist homicidal maniac is a SELF-ANNIHILATOR.

        A white (S)upremacist disavows self-annihilation ESPECIALLY as a “mechanism” utilized for after-life rewards.

        The enemies of genuine white (S)upremacy are self-annihilators, ie., “terminable without consent.”

        To see this reality materialize REQUIRES genuine white (S)upremacists because the self-annihilators altready exist in droves.

        To make the conversion from white (s)upremacy to white (S)upremacy is as simple as recognizing that in the Logos (C)apitalization is primary to syntax and grammar.

        The pagan delusion…

        That (g)ods > (P)erfection…

        Cannot but actualize as perpetuating self-annihilation in any and every submissive to this blatant anti-(C)apitalism.

        In the proper economic and mathematical orders…

        The man with the most (C)apital is the man with the most credibility.

        Breaking this economic and mathematical order is anti-(C)apitalism, ie., socialism.

        “Socialism” is, in its logical extreme, giving the man with least credibility the most (c)apital. Otherwise understood as re-distribution.

        Aiming to re-distribute (c)apital to the least credible of men is SELF-ANNIHILATION.

        “Radical autonomy” and self-annihilation are the “defining” phenomena of our time.

        Only a white (S)upremacist can transcend this hard (r)eality.


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