Firepower’s Hierarchy of Blogging 2

by Firepower

SPOILER ALERT: Beware! Myths will be shattered.  The Ugly Truth – revealed. You may learn something… you don’t wanna…

The first article described and (I’m such a nice guy) conveniently listed for you The Big Thinkers who get the ball rolling by supplying grist for the mill of millionz of teeny little Blograts – (‘gratz) – who Steal The Cheese.  Spreading the crumbs like good little town criers – just town criers who act to their readership ’twas they discovered The Big Secret.

To recap: Those Who’ve Done It Before – Better:

  1. Charles Murray; William Bennett; Robert Bork; Victor Davis Hanson – These chaps awe and inspire…
  2. Thomas Sowell,  Chas. Krauthammer, who in turn make big bucks for
  3. Pat Buchanan – whose bulldog wrinkled puss inspires TV fashion-talkshow pussy↓
  4. Ann Coulter & Michelle Malkin – who give quippy-quip conversational TV Soundbites to talkers
  5. Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity and then,
  6. Brent Bozell & R.I.P Andrew Breitbart who (chiefly by critiquing) give them media coaching/refinement tips.

Don’t be an ass.  This list is a generalization. If you want thorough, scholarly completeness, pay me a million to write a book.

Murray covers science; Bennett, culture, politics & law; Bork does mainly law (and is the acknowledged expert) and Hanson does current events, politics and military.  HBD’ers still prattle on about stuff Murray wrote 20 years ago and they prattle wrong; read the original – make up your own mind. The Bell Curve is still the hub where hibbies work themselves into genetic lathers.  It predates the internets and is widely unknown, so it’s ripe for copycat thought-stealers.  Imagine how a barbarian squatting in the Coliseum was mystified by a…

… Roman bathtub.  Race, Class – Social Structure – it is all there in TBC.  If you read it, everything else is now just copying. Boring, repetitive copying – ‘grecycling.

Pretty much every thought trickling down from numbers 1 & 2 is co-opted by everybody below.  For instance, if Rush Limbaugh were at a conference with #2, he’d be quiet most of the time, swooning in rapt attention.  If he and Hannity were at an event with those lofty intellects in the #1 category, they’d shut up completely and only speak to ask for another autograph.  Or inquire about what Ann Coulter is really like in the sack.

Limbaugh and TV types process the Big Ideas into easily digestible chunks and soundbites for popularity of mass consumption; it’s what they do – that’s their job.  But, bloggers see that and suddenly get The Grand Delusion that hey! they too, could write That Next Great Book!™

Both hierarchies are better exemplified if you understand that lower numbers read the works of all those above them, while higher numbers never deign even a glance at underlings’ scribblings. So, without further ado…

Descending Hierarchy of Thought Scavenging:

7.   Mangan’s – bring your thesaurus and lace handkerchief
8.   Half Sigma: so amazing, he now only needs to phone-in two sentence posts that get 264 comments for
9.   Whiskey, who thankfully, knows when to shut up, so he writes only once a week or month, thus depriving ↓
10. OneSTDV (lil’ Charlie Murray, Jr.) who is then forced to write feverishly on everything to supply…↓
11. Gucci Little Piggy aka CRUDD – no comment…
12. In Mala Fide (R.I.P.)

What perturbs me about mangy is he consistently uses words like perturbed instead of angry. How such a smart fellow is preternaturally (ha, gotcha!) self-limiting to purely reactionary commentary on what Drudge published that day is a bad omen for alt-rightery’s intellectual future.  Drudge is an aggregator – the best kept secret in alt-right blogdom.  Without him, they’d all have to actually read Murray’s 1,535 page books.  Yuck.

Don’t discount The Drudge: For he, even inspires El Rushbo and all FOX News.  If it’s on the airwaves, the odds are a sure bet he had it on 48 hours ago.  It’s why I keep him and The Originators (Aces) in my blogroll – so you can make up your own mind.  I can’t remember how many items I see on Drudge that wind up as posts in all these blogs; like they’re responding to Drudge – or the article – with a typed comment that gets expanded into a full blog post of incredible, profound-astounding brilliance. It’s ridiculous.  It’s the Secret Essence of Blogging.

~ Update:  Sailer is in the 7.5 zone. As smart as Mangan, he writes mainly about race issues.  Not one single thought emerges that Chas. Murray hasn’t uttered first.  This is appropriate to SS’s cohort – likely reading CM at an early age and being irrevocably influenced by it.  And, cashing in on 30-something and below’s complete ignorance of the Pre-Internet Age and its Holy Scriptures.  Like Gary Oldman in Book of Eli.  His audience is amazed – simply amazed – at the brilliance of The Youth and all the wondrous things he’s noted.  All on his lonesome.  Honest. ~

Most will say, again, that I haytz teh piggy.  Not so. He’s just dull, desultory and unimaginative; then, getting oversensitive about that is what’s the real killa. Even The Derb writes eye-opening, mind-blowing wowwers like “Avoid The Black Peoples!”  Poor derb shakes his bony head in chagrin saying, “I let this guy give me a daily old-fashioned – for this?”  I know it comes off as an insult, but it’s not intended as one, when I say glp is at a sophomoric level.  Honestly, most Americans are too stupid to rise above anything other than 10th Grade, 15-year-old maturity levels.  It’s probably the perfect blog.  After my critique and revelation of Chas. Murray, I give piggy credit for now becoming a full-fledged Disciple of ALL Things Charlie and going on his current Murray Mancrush Bender; there are worse blokes he could idolize – like guys who even wrote stuff after 1993.

I meant to write this long before the finale, but hey, I have an actual life unlike Bloggrz who devote so much emotional investment and expenditure to concepts nobody cares about.  Let’s just say IMF was for kidz.  I called them imfants long ago in response to the screeching, infantile caterwauling that accompanied every post about The Latest Outrage!© from Drudge that ferd spoon-fed like Gerber Strained Peas to his grade school audience.  I predicted failure comes from a Lord of The Flies scenario where, Jack, the enfant terrible (take that, mangy) runs the Stalag and adults flee the island, leaving only those ass-kissers hungering for linkage-lurv remaining.  The Piggy in the novel is almost too delectable a comic twist/coincidence to pass on…but, alas, I shall.

Readers must awaken their higher ability to comprehend The Why of black flashmobs, fatkinis, Operation Fast & Furious etc., instead of constantly entering an unwinnable Gut Reaction Cycle in which they spin their wheels complaining about The Latest Outrage.  It’s not difficult – you can do it. It seems murky because nobody discusses how all you really need to know is the what and how of any issue to learn and understand its deeper implications – instead of complaining about its consequences.

It’s better to light a candle, than curse The Darkness…

20 Responses to “Firepower’s Hierarchy of Blogging 2”

  1. Where does Sailer fit in this Holy Pyramid of Bloggers?

    I get the impression many of the young Manosphere scribblers are attempting a Sailer imitation.

    Your waiter friend, Charles, is chief amongst them, I would say.
    [ryu’s assessment is correct. sailer is a pale imitation of his once-self. now,he’s tied to his “moderate” image in the publishing BUSINESS and thus is hamstrung by what he can NOT write. that means, he is worthless to read. which is why i haven’t read his site in almost 2 years…where do YOU think sailer fits?]

    • I put him somewhere ahead of dumbshit-aspirants like Charles, but somewhat far behind genuine Nationalist writers and thinkers.

      He’s certainly leader of the HBD beta-blogger pack.

      For whatever reason, he’s never broken out of that second tier of bloggers into the ranks of the (as you put it) Big Thinkers.

      And now, as you point out, he’s “hamstrung”.

      Good for a useful insight now and then using his oft-mentioned analytical background.

      But this is about much more than just statistics.
      [ed note: he can’t break into the first tier because that first tier read all Murray’s books – hell, the first tier IS Murray, himself. The jig is up. Mancrushing on Murray like ss does is a restrictive obsession; fealty to The Idol. SS is crudd’s-crush: You can see it in how crudd writes – his new obsession is…surprise! Murray. From murray to SS, down to crudd. voila: Firepower’s Hierarchy of Blogging]

  2. My impression of Stevie is that he made his bones a long time ago, and is just coasting on his old reputation. He might have been interesting 10 or 15 years ago, when racial realism was rare. Now he’s just one of a thousand.

  3. “Race realism” as is conjured up by the WN and HBD crowd is almost parody. Imagine never deigning to be a genuine “white Supremacist” while touting your “race realism” with a dizzying array of crime statistics and IQ comparisons?

    Wasn’t “race realism” something we just learned while playing on the “field” and trying to be the BEST?
    [ed note: sadly, amren now also nothing more than daily updates on the latest outrage of mino violence. you’d think, after 20 years of it, they’d come to a realization.]

  4. Racial realism is WN lite – the kosher, non fat, low sugar version of WN. It’s WN for those who don’t want to take the full dose of the red pill, which includes the holohoax.

    FP is correct again! Amren is like the “news and jews” of the WN community. I consider it like our own ticker tape parade. I read it for headlines; most of the time it’s just negro crime and other such atrocities.
    [ed note: I removed it from my blogroll. I am done posting and even reading there.]

  5. WN is for morons who are living in the past. European style ultra-nationalism (ie Fascism) is the way forward. Though the US can burn for all I care.

  6. Hey, this is so true. piggy copies sailer – whose copied Murray. I looked him up and you’re right it’s so obvious..and am going to read his stuff. Why read those copycat LOSERS when you can read the original writer and make up your own mind, as you say? I thought i might miss Bardamu, but now I know I won’t. It was just the same old shit wrotre a million times on somebody else blog. keep up the good work. People DONT KNOW THIS shit.

  7. WHY do you alwasy have to be so mean?? Can’t you say anyting nice about these bloggers – they try their best. ur such an ahole. check your mailbox 🙂
    [it’s not ‘their best’. it’s writing an opinion they read of somebody else’s opinion. it’s lazy copying passing itself off as Deep Thought, fooling The Fools – and then has the balls to congratulate itself. btw nice pics. i dont usually like blonds]

  8. It’s better to light a candle, than curse The Darkness…
    wise, sums everything up. “Solutions” is the best product not whinning

  9. And Roissy?
    [ he’s a big boy and capable to defend himself. i don’t know anymore. maybe its a mistake, but my comments get fucked-with now. he doesn’t even bash what i say. it’s weird – very ferd-esque. like The Craft is upset. truth is truth. maybe its a mistake.. i always had great respect for him no sarc. his not even mentioning eradica is very telling]

  10. yes, Roissy. I also wonder where Delusion Damage (RIP) would have fallen here

  11. I actuall lurk at Mangan’s and finally clicked and looked at all others like piggy :O and sure enought – they actually had the SAME stuff as that onestd guy, something about a tv show. UNREAL. you rock FP, you may be a dick but it don’t take away from you being right.
    [ed note: i saw that, it was TOO easy. American people, now, are no longer the Pioneer Spirits. They truly would rather complain than act. It’s safer. It’s safer, in the A/C in front of TV.]

  12. UGH -quit with the Australian faggotloosers and their clown car crap. Didn’t you two sphincters lose m4?? The government shut you down nd Good riddance. Bunch of drunken kids without a thought in your head. NEITHER of you could compare to Mangan, STDV or even Piggy – who laughs at your clwoncar antics right NOW! Bend over -take a load of piggy.

  13. Hi I was wondering if you’re up for selling your site? Please get in touch whenever you read this. Cheers. Mark

  14. would you rent me ad space for my banners??
    [it depends; i’m a capitalist]

  15. I always was interested in this kind of theory and you nail it as usual FP, thanks for posting.

    [ed note: nail, said you? not goin there…]

  16. Does the truly prophetic ever actually retire?


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