New MM Vidya is Up: RaceJam

by Ryu

Damn, Murdoch Murdoch is muh nigga. He comes from the exact same time period I do.

On paper, I don’t know much more about him than anyone else does. But he must have watched this scene as many times as I have – which is in the hundreds.

11 Comments to “New MM Vidya is Up: RaceJam”

  1. Both videos unavailable.

    • ZOG strikes again….maybe.

      They work for me, TD. Maybe something is wrong with your iphag.

      • Lol… Just got it… I’m of fan of MM, for sure. Although, by setting a higher bar, their continued “teamwork” will be expected lest this piece becomes the ground for charges of phony hypocrisy.

        The effectual duality is high IQ (S)upremacist versus high IQ anti-(S)upremacist. The latter is THE dominate collective. The former, merely scattered individuals. And it doesn’t take a high IQ to recognize these fundamentals.

        So until MM confronts wS as defined absolutely versus “white (s)upremacy” as defined by the enemies of wS then “he” will have diverted from the matter of individual white boy self-annihilating under the barrage of ravenous collectives.

        Unless one believes himself to be acting on behalf of God in ushering white boys into a globalized civil war where their “are me” has not only failed to materialize, but has also rapidly disintegrated THEN pushing “national socialism” is merely ideological collectivism ON A SMALLER SCALE.

        One cannot escape the facts of reality.

        The individual white boy self-annihilates…

        Calling this ^^^ “individualism” is the diabolical pull of the ideological collectivists.

        The question is whether The Perfect Man (He who falsifies “universal equality”) REQUIRES individual “sacrifices,” ie., those willing to self-annihilate (for “salvation”)?

        ALL ideological collectives assume the role of The Perfect Man and answer in the affirmative.

        ONLY a white (S)upremacist says absolutely not.

        Instead, what white boy is told by the fact of The Perfect Man is that said white boy may strive towards (P)erfection thus harmoniously volunteering to join a regenerate collective of white (S)upremacists.

        This is where white boy should be at in his collective racial consciousness.

      • He’ll get there, TD.

        It is hard to un-cuck Jesus today. It’s like modern Christians are doing everything to sabotage their religion.

  2. Christianity was cucked from the beginning. The words of jesus himself are the words of a eunuch beggar. If everyone did as jesus did, they would sell all of their belongings and choose to follow some dirty homeless man around from city to city.

    If everyone was like jesus there would be no civilization and no more white people since jesus proclaimed that in order to be his disciple you must hate your own blood family and embrace strangers who ostensibly claim to be a part of the same vagabond ideology.

    If every man was like jesus they would never marry and never have children, never own property and never fight for anything whatsoever. WN’s that are christian seem to me quite the hypocrisy. When people complain about the effete, ineffective remnants of a dying religion(christianity)today as somehow not measuring up to it’s past glory, I have to laugh.

    Everything that is seen today regarding christianity…feminized men, feminist women, delusional apocalyptic superstitions etc is part and parcel of the religion and the very words of its progenitor jesus.

    The new testament was most likely written by Saul the Pharisee(know as Paul in the bible). This man was a kabbalistic jew who masterfully created a magik spell of bewilderment on all gentiles who partook of its poison. I believe he wanted to destroy the Roman (white) empire and christianity successfully did overtake it.

    No conquering king ever came in to town on the foal of an ass! Ragnar Redbeard was right. You cannot make a king out of a weak disgraced jew. Can you build a marble palace from a dunghill?

    • It’s a hard thing. “Most” WNs seem to want a strong Christianity back. I’m looking for pagan or Muzz WNs, but I just don’t see the drive. If…there is a religion that gets pushed, it will probably be Christianity.

      I agree, that the Roman empire was destroyed on purpose.

      We will probably have to twist and distort Christianity into a warrior religion.

      • Ryu…

        Christ is True or False.

        If he is “false” then “universal equality” is true UNLESS a new “perfect man” steps forward?

        And only HE who wills ALL Right can possibly be considered.

    • Mr. Ronan…

      If you start with the strong assumption that The Perfect Man is True because “universal equality” is false then you must substantiate The Perfect Man.

      Deconstructing Christ into an “eunuch beggar” DOES NOT solve your issue with “universal equality.”

      Has Christ preached TO YOU self-annihilation?

      Does Christ preach self-annihilation at all?

      Who is your perfect man self-evidently falsifying “universal equality?”

      Or are you one of those egalitarian “national socialists?”

  3. I’m actually insulted that you would ever think I was egalitarian.

    I can’t speak in the exact metaphysical terms you use since I have my own Logos, am at my own origin point in life and we both have differing levels of growth and understanding.

    The Perfect Man for me is ME. I don’t have any heroes to worship or christs to save me and I don’t need any.

    Due to the subjective nature of morality I am free from abiding by any absolute dicta as I am ever growing and evolving. I don’t need to deconstruct Jesus to the status of a eunuch beggar because that is the plain truth of the gospels and Jesus words in the bible.

    Now if your idea of christ is not jesus of nazareth and instead it is your own metaphysical interpretation of what a chirst is to you then that is a whole other argument altogether. If not then why would you ever characterize a jew who died miserably and ingloriously as some kind of savior for the white race? Can’t fit a square peg into a round hole.

    I simply saying that I have no gods before me but me. I am the Alpha and Omega of my existence and I will live and die by the strength of my own will. Nature has decreed her laws eons ago. I am just accepting the rules of the game…..that there are none. When my enemies fall and crumble, it will be MY face they see. When weak and enfeebled slaves see the face of terror it will looking into these god damn eyes.

    Whoever has the strength and power to make his own rules will do so. Whoever does not will abide by someone else’s rules.

    It will not be some fabled Perfect Man who saves the White Race. It will be white men just listening to their own instincts again and ACTING upon them. White men with loads and loads of testosterone.

    • Mr. Ronin…

      Your “enemy” is he who would annihilate you… Or worse yet, he who would damn you. If a soul existence is your metric then eternal life should be your aim.

      Is your enemy The Perfect Man?

      Does belief in The Perfect Man, damn you?

      Or is belief in The Perfect Man NECESSARY to your anti-egalitarian being?

      You’re not at war with “Christianity.”

      You are at war with objective (S)upremacy.

      Your “will to power” is “terminable without consent” by a will to do ALL Right.

      Your “radical autonomy” cannot subvert (P)erfection.

    • @Mr. Ronin…

      From a white (S)upremacist’s perspective, white male must, in the minimum, put himself at the starting line in The Race to the (S)ingularity.

      (P)erfection is real.

      Desire for (P)erfection is racist.

      If *you* do not start here ^^^ then you are not in The Race.

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