Why the Discovery Channel Turned To Shit

by Firepower

Here’s to Fat Entitled Females who Didn’t Know They Were Pregnant

Not just the namesake, but every channel in the stable. Quite an accomplishment.

Nice pic on the right: Fat Migger feminist twofer, check. Racist black gazzilionaire female. Check. New York Jewish attorney. Yep.

Oprah’s OWN network: Losses approach $330m amid predictions it will be axed within the year | Mail Online.

No long-winded analysis of who controls the media, just a good old picture.

We all know Discovery Channel’s staples of pregnant teen midgets “struggling for self-esteem” fits right in with the morals of the Torah and Oprah’s Christian upbringing.

Rosie, too.

Zaslav (right) took over in 2007. That means if you recall correctly, that also is the time when ….

…Discovery turned to complete garbage. There’s nothing a New York jewish attorney can’t do, right? They’re perfect for running a cable TV network – tons of experience.

The Learning Channel is now reduced to an infantilized acronym like “tender loving care” :heart:- a syrupy name to attract females. TLC made a hundred million a year, but that’s substituted for its current incarnation and OWN programming losing $300 million annually. Beware media willing to lose money.

Boycott? Good luck – money appears not to matter.  Besides, there’s 170 Stupid Channels now proliferating for you to fight. You’d have to get the sports fans to stop supplying the money first. Cable sports revenue is the engine that feeds these tard-tendrils. That’s where you start – at the head, not the toe fungus.  The problem is not your willingness to commit to boycott or “activism” but rather the dim souls of those you want to save. They like stupid.  Need it…

There’s no longer need for the old TLC’s Egyptian Archeology, Roman History or examining how the steam engine, Jonas Salk or World War Two influenced our modern life because:

The elite want you stupid. They depend on it. They want you ignorant of the past (your past) to wallow in distractions of Bigfoot and asshole bikers.

The dumber Americans get, the more Dumbness they Demand™.

18 Comments to “Why the Discovery Channel Turned To Shit”

  1. I think you should add Fahrenheit 451 to “Books You’d BETTER Read.” It only become more and more apropos.

  2. I figure they are hooked on ratings. Maybe like a blogger addicted to hits. They want the largest possible audience so they must degrade the message.

  3. You both are correct.

    I read 451 in grade school, along w/ 1984 and both influenced me to the extent that my PC profs had zero chance indoctrinating me into their “Cry, The Beloved Country” mentality.
    Ratings lust is understandable when the #1 show brings in money. The trap is revealed when OWN loses money yet still lingers – along with low-rated junk about beauty pageant toddlers.

  4. Good point FP, the fact that they’re prepared to wear the losses (probably a tax offset anyway, and it would be others money they’re losing) says it all with regard what we need to know – or not know as you point out.

    [ed note: yes, we need to know WHY things happen, not more Online Daisy Chain complaint circles]

    Related is an excellent radio show by Mark Weber on the subject of Juden-Yank WWII propaganda movies, with focus on re-interpreting Stalins awesome nation. One movie was a Mission to Moscow, which really turned out to be a Mission to Judaizing U.S.A.

    Here’s the link: http://reasonradionetwork.com/20120404/the-mark-weber-report-lies-and-deceit-in-american-film-propaganda.
    [saw that movie several times. odd how a few short years later, the Cold War changed all…and H’wood now hated Reds. watch 30 Seconds Over Toyko for a similar show of Chinese Loving]
    I intend to type up Weber’s closing remarks, which echo yours: “They want you ignorant of the past (your past) to wallow in distractions of Bigfoot and asshole bikers.

    The dumber Americans get, the more Dumbness they Demand.”

    And the thing is, we’re *all* dumb Judeo-Americans now.

    As someone quoted at Mangans: “As a thought experiment, what if you could remove from American culture everything that has been contributed by Jews and Blacks. You would still have an Anglo/Hispanic/Asian residue, but think how flaccid it would be compared to what America is.”

    Now there’s a thought experiment worth thinking: ” **what if you could remove from American culture everything that has been contributed by Jews and Blacks”

    [ah…mangan’s miscalculate-y…pretty stuff. oh, so very pretty! I’m done with “**what if..?” mate: We can no longer
    on “removal” but must implement the actual removal. If we fail, then Our America ends up like the America of the Comanche – gone.]

    “it is the Jews and the Blacks more than anything that sets America apart from the rest of the world, with special reference to the Commonwealth countries, our closest cousins, none of which have any culture at all if you remove what they imported from America.”

    [America freed jews and blacks from doing that which kept them best occupied: fleeing for their lives]

    True true. Your Jews and Blacks do set you apart. But, our devoid of culture societies are rapidly getting encultured, what with all our 5 year old hoes we’ve got going now.


  5. I don’t get this FP – Sorry, bear with us Europeans – Is Oprah fucked? – Is she going broke? Death to all of them. Or are taxpayers supposed to bale them out? Maybe like Bankers – what’s the story? Do “the people” need shit telly, or is it something to do with the shit advertising that goes with it? Does it provide employment? – I’m confused.

    • No, she has wisely hoarded her money to live to fat another day.
      She had intended to capitalize on her 2008 Obamathon and use her TV to promote The Anointed One. Her cash is safe in her bank account.

      Shit telly IS – in spite of Ten BILLION Noble Bloggers Uniting®!
      with all their bluster –

      THE fate awaiting us. Stupified TV is our destination.
      The ONLY destination for a diminishing collective intellect.

      • Ah come on – If she has wisely hoarded her stash – I’ve no problem with that.
        Surely, the good news is that if her TV company is loosing money, then it will go out of business. I’m trying to see the positives here.

        [you won’t find any positives. ever see a super-rich media tycoon go OUT of biz? there, or here? Maybe she’ll vaykay in your hamlet, decide to buy it – then you can go all IRA on her ass. or do you guys use pies, now]

      • You can only go IRA on white people in Ireland. Pies are soooo Inglish.

        [darn. i was going to move to either one, now…i can’t decide. ha]

  6. Programming doesn’t matter anymore. The channel operators know they have a profit for the most part from the fees paid to them by the cable companies that carry them, hence they have no reason to do anything other than maintain their audience size.


    Rating’s and households used to mean something, but now, just having the TV on to infomercials when asleep count as viewers thanks to digital cable and the channels sell some generic bulk sold commercial ad time for pennies. Most channels have absolutely no reason to invest in programming. Look at the garbage on MTV for example. And the ESPN package at $4.08 a month per household in 2009, come on.


    I haven’t had cable since I moved to Chicago in 1998. At imes it would be nice but television isn’t worth $100+ a month to me. I abhor watching shows online but if there is something I want to see bad enough, I can suffer. Over the air I receive at least 40 channels and if the network channels get too repulsive (“Dancing with a Whatever”, anyone?) I can always flip over to some safe programming on Me-TV or This.

    • I agree. “tvbythenumbers” is an excellent site from which to get useful info on trends. Hopefully readers will follow the links and learn more.

      Unfortunately, the trend is ever downward. You’re fortunate to live in Chicago where there are ample activities besides TV. Even in a suburb, the choice of non-TV nighttimes is limited to deer-poaching.

      I’ve been inspecting Netflix in conjunction with differing movie services that give a fuller range of titles. Netflix has some, Roxio has the others etc. I’ll watch fiction in hidef – especially when it’s not disguised as a “reality show” for 14 year-old viewers who think they’re wise.

  7. I have off and on enjoyed Netflix immensely. Local universities often have more artistic movie series and foreign films that don’t make it to the mainstream theatres as well. I vary rarely watch television and spend more time watching the sunset. I used to really enjoy The Office, but I lost track of what was going on at some point and now I enjoy 30Rock. Oh, and Turner Classic Movies.

  8. Acutally that is the one thing about tv that is cool is the new dirty job shit and the like alligator hunter where you can make a 100k a year in a few weeks shooting alligators can’t beat that.

    [sure, a few are ok, but notice there’s 400 shows like that now. all what i used to call ‘Assholes with Crabpots’}

  9. but yea if you want all the movies including ones in theater free i recommend the boxie it connects to internets and tv and you get to watch pretty much any movie made for free.

    I may alligator hunt one day on another break from blogging to eat the marrow of life he he he

  10. “You’d have to get the sports fans to stop supplying the money first.”
    This has actually been happening back when ESPN went full SJW in 2015 along with the NFL following suit in 2017. Every pro sport that picks up the Black & LGBT Lives Matter cancer continues to hemorrhage money and ratings. I am looking forward to seeing the official stats for the drop in viewership the current year 2018 or if it leveled off already.

  11. Before 2005 or so, you could tune into A&E, The Discovery Channel, and The History Channel and see documentary series like these.

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