Eradican Manifesto

by Firepower

What your enemy fears most … do.

America is finished; it is gone. We now live in Murka. A nation ruled by (LN) Liberal nazis, staffed and implemented by MINOs (all preferred classes of minorities) running the Minority Master Machine – the MMM.

Most jews are your enemy but so are WASPs.  Combined, these exclusive groups are The Ruling “elite” – those living in Fortress Manhattan, etc. and the local “rich cities” near you that you know.  Combined, they are the one true enemy: TOTE.

Most whites are your enemy – your greatest enemy. They are hopelessly brainwashed from successful decades of LN/MM BIGovSchool brainwashing propaganda programs. The administrators of BGS (BIGovSkools) are Harvard, Yale and Ivy League Elites living in DC and funded by Manhattanites. It is staffed by MINOs but ….….mainly the Feminist Falange of the MM. BGS feminists are mainly white, then colored and finally, male.  Their primary role is to domesticate white children into subservient docility and promote all coloreds as superior. They create Soldier Ants. Thus, white youth will grow into sexually mature servants and soldiers serving all MINOs in the MMM, protecting their continued growth until the entire sub-class below The Elite is transformed into an indistinguishable brown conglomeration of colored ethnicities.

All MINOs are your enemy. Remember the 97% rule: As many as voted for Obama are TOTE. It is dangerous to sort out the good 3% during combat. That is a true minority. It’s a shame to waste loyal agents, but unless they’ve proven themselves long beforehand and returned to safety behind friendly lines, they are expendable as are most of us in such times.

This lump of subhumans – a lumpenproletariat – is the greatest desire of the LN: It means final, facile and easy control over hundreds of millions by the one million. The lumpenprole was wisely described by Marx as ignorant to class awareness. It did not know it was under the jackbooted heel of The Elite and nor did it care it was poor and run by The Rich.

The LN of the few control the much greater mass of the many with cheaper means – propaganda. The Propaganda Media and its Hollywood machinery may appear expensive to operate, but is far cheaper than a revolution destroying infrastructure (the elite’s) and awakening the Mountain Of Guns (MOG). The elite know such a conflagration costs them more money in the long run by means of their capital (factories, etc.) and their sumptuous castles being destroyed. If this happens, the bloodshed will be thrice all of World War II’s with the added impetus of retribution of The French Revolution. The Elite will fight with all they have and kill anything to spare their Hollywood/Manhattan/DC playpens. They will fight for everything but “flyover country”.

Once you know how a thing is built and operates, you know how to destroy it.

Fighting for America actually means Unlimited Amnesty for Miggers and Eternal Welfare for Colored Looters. The MM repeatedly trick Jordies into being maimed & killed for this agenda-  so they can trick most anybody – and are proud of this deceptive prowess.  They want threatening, white “patriotic” types to die because it reduces their numbers in a socially acceptable, sanctioned way while simultaneously promoting coloreds breeding huge demography-shifting broods. This is Animal Husbandry as conducted by elite scientists.  Elite scientists are mostly jews and WASPs. It is simple: the less whites, the less threat. The more coloreds, the more coloreds will breed. You eradicate wolves so your sheep can flock in peaceful pastures.

This deception is Mass Propaganda created by elite jews & WASPs in Mass Media. It is disseminated and spread first to impressionable children via formal initiation in BIGov Schools, then lifelong Hollywood entertainment and Manhattan News, under disguise of information and infotainment. It is the Circus in Bread & Circuses.

Bread & Circuses mean: Today’s Pizza & iPads. Pizza & Porn. Free Food Stamps indeed work; it is an effective bribe for The Growing Colored Mob. It nourishes and fertilizes them, fortifying them to eradicate the former dominant white mob once called “white trash” by the elite.

The LN wants to replace all Whites and NRA Whites with MINOs more easily controlled with BIGov $$$ tribute in the form of Welfare, Healthcare and housing. NRA Whites are dangerous for they revere Paul Revere. They have SO76 – The Spirit of ’76. MINOs are sub-human children bought off with candy.

LNs are nazis because they are socialists – and nationalists. However, the Nation LNs seek is not white as was the Nazi ideal. LNs want Murka to be a nation of coloreds and nation of MINOs. Instead of it being MINOs exterminated by White Males, it is The New Super Man/Mongrel who’ll be the exterminator of white males posing both an ideological SO76 and physical NRA gun-revolution threat.  The nation LNs seek to build is a nation of coloreds controlled by welfare, devoid of revolutionary spark and only dedicated to exterminating whites

SO76 types raise the flag July 4th, feel pride when their son enlists in the Military and identify with The Founding Fathers – and killing Redcoats. They are the faces of the War Dead in your local paper. The elite are the Roosevelts, Kennedys, Bushes and Clintons urging them to war as they feast on delicacies in safety on private jets landing on private runways. The colored Super Man is the La Raza March, the Trayvon supporters at Ferguson and Baltimore riots speechifying on Their Glory Days of an MLK Selma.

The LN once dreamt of confiscating guns from NRA/SO76 Whites and tried implementing a swift confiscation strategy to achieve quick victory but it failed; its dreams exceeded its grasp. This method proved too explosive and risked Revolution 2.0 by awakening the NRAW – NRA Whites. Preferring to shrewdly leave the NRAW dormant, the LN now prefers a wiser strategy of interbreeding trailerpark/WTW (white trash whites) with all coloreds to dilute and finally erase whites, thus also eradicating SO76. Coloreds have no S076: They hold no idealism for revolution and do not identify with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, etc. In fact, they hold all Founding Fathers in contempt as white racist slavers – as universally taught for decades by the LN/BIGov School. Even WTW kids now identify more with MLK than GW.

All these descriptions of the LN/MMM’s strategy are abominations that must be eradicated. The only way to destroy Murka and return it to America is to eradicate every liberal and mino. You have access to all the books of the world describing all the successful revolutions of the world.

Remember Firepower’s Rule of Ratio: If foolish mercy is applied and only 75% are eradicated, in 75 years they will have returned to again dominate the simple masses with Pizza & Porn. If only 90% are eradicated, they’ll be back in 90 years. If only 30% are eradicated, in 30 years all will be the same as today.

30 Comments to “Eradican Manifesto”

  1. I don’t live in the US but
    1) The niggers seem too feral to control adequately, the whites seem more pliable. (just an observation)
    2) The American Empire has over extended itself, like the Brits did. Now they find themselves challenged, and their rulers hubris is accelerating this process.
    3) Propaganda ain’t what it use to be. The internet has seen to that.
    Big government will attempt to mould the internet. As well as use it to spy on people. I understand plans for this are well in hand. I read somewhere that the Top Secret TTP bill that Black Barry is trying to push through has 29 chapters and only 5 relate to trade. Thing is, no one really knows. I think the plan is that once the law is passed, it will be four years before it is made public. So forward planning for enslavement, is up and running.

    Was kinda hoping the niggers and the police would kick something off over there this summer. Then again expecting any sort of reliable belligerent performance out of niggers, really is a policy of despair.

    • Blacks ARE too feral to control…because whites lack the will. Obviously, blacks can be controlled because the Mex can do it well.

      American whites are now true slaves. They are chasing someone else’s “money”, instead of taking their own. They are content to earn it, rather than take it.

      The USG has a tremendous hubris. The leaders don’t think they can lose. The troops know better and are wary.

      Propaganda is IMO a side issue. America is in a permenant depression. Most are so worried about their bills that anything else is immaterial. They can see that they have less in their pocketbook.

  2. Very good work. There is a secret history of the USG and our struggle.

    The USG began a hard takedown the white race in the 1980s into the 1990s with Ruby Ridge and Waco being most well known. They were ready to use the guns and tanks.

    Then came McVeigh, Rudolph, and Kaczynski and their glorious actions. Their weapons were similar to the IED of the Muzz. The USG backed off. They changed their strategy to be more subtle.

    That is where we sit today. The USG has almost total control of the stock market, mass media, schools and institutions. The survivalists were right about a collapse but vastly underestimated the USG’s control.

    The thing one always has to remind himself….Is this what a police state is like? Am I a slave today? Is this what slavery feels like? It is hard to accept. I myself have trouble sometimes.

    • It’s a waste of psychological resource to lament all these slaves when so few have real desire for genuine free will. The real animus should be directed towards the slave’s infectious state of being. So being a slave is not lamentable, but attempting to INFECT me and mine with slave-mentality, this is truly risible.

    • “We” live in a profiling state. Uncle Beast is game. He needs game. He desires game. SO76 whites are the best game. The relationship is unique. BUT the lopsidedness is ruining the best game. Is Uncle Beast content to have no game because all are slaves? I don’t think so.

  3. Think of this ever-expanding cabal of incompetent bureaucracy as carefully human shields. Just as the white Supremacist is the face of evil in the eyes of the radical liberationist, the MINO face is now the face of Uncle Beast. What is more diabolically “genius” than the SO76 laying waste to this bureaucratic MINO-infused human shield at the connivingly Machiavellian “request” of the “default elite?”

  4. I wonder how bad things could REALLY get when there’s no possibility to exist normally.
    Because some really horrible things could happen I don’t even want to write about now. We saw them in Iraq and nearby shitholes.
    Nationalists are good and nice people compared to nihilists.

    • wonder how bad things could REALLY get when

      There is no way
      NO WAY ever
      to eradicate MOG
      down to a safe level
      …For BIGOV Bureacrats

      • One notes that gun control is always directed at civilians. Never, at cops or soldiers. The USG would prefer if only their guys had the guns. They understand that when you pay a man, you own him.

      • FP, what do you hear about PEDs or performance enhancing drugs in the US military?

        I wonder how common use is. Do trainees smuggle drugs into boot in their ass, like prisoners? I don’t doubt uppers or other stimulants would be used during hell week. Air Force pilots report using uppers during long missions.

      • FP, what do you hear about PEDs or performance enhancing drugs in the US military?

        They are used, but it’s a “DADT” that UncleBEAST lurvs bc his targets are the ones getting mowed down – and not some barracks-room faggot.
        It’s the typical PCL jibe: Jordies ARE the kind that serve a BIGov that makes them war criminals after a month-long trial

        Hasn’t even yet tried Maj. Hassan Abdul-Achmedd abu Bin-Nadal.

        It was rumored Mista Hitla’s Boyz were some of the first guinea pigs for all them German drug companies – like Merck, Bayer etc. – that pumped out early versions of Amphetamines.

        It is said that’s what made them such good soldiers, but militaries are like fishermen: They like to brag about their opponent’s strength, size and formidability to make their battles seem gloriously heroic.

        Like all things, it was a combination of all those components: discipline, good soldiery …and good drugs.

      • He sounds just like a good soldier to me. What do they expect?

        They trained a killer. A soldier has to be paranoid, and a little bit crazy. He used roids, booze and sleeping pills. I didn’t see that in the newspaper articles.

      • He sounds just like a good soldier to me.

        Yes. To us – or me – he’d be utilized to his nth killing potential…and rewarded handsomely with medals and glory.
        I’d have him kill so much he’d need a vacation, but never prison.

        The MMM expects its soldiers to be good little nazis – liberal nazis. They are only permitted to kill whites mercilessly. That’s why the WACO Baby Burners and HEROCops! who shot Randy Weaver’s 12-year-old son in the back – and his wife in the face – get DC promotions – while GI Jordie Jr. gets life.

        I’d use him like the mob used Richard Kuklinski. If we had 300 of men such as these, Murka would be buried and a Resurrected America would reign in its place. All MINOs would be eradicated or returned to their filthy home nations.

      • Not too far from where I’m at: A GenBritney was assaulted by a nigga in an expensive neighborhood in Manhattan, on a Saturday morning, wee hours of 3:00 am.

        These apartment complexes where the incident took place, command a starting rental fee of $3,500 per month. The imbeciles who manage the buildings are swaying their banners all over the neighborhood with messages “do you want a safe luxurious experience”, of course, they’re not targeting the ads to the poor lumprenproles.

        They used to be cheap, how about $600 per month, when it was strictly for the White Middle Class, who are now long gone, but because landlords are so greedy, they invite these spoiled brats to get a piece of the action by overpaying. Needless to say, let all the miggas invade their neighborhoods and assault them. It’s the only way they’ll learn their lesson, the hard way that is. These are the same people who put on a phony status of helping poor coloreds, but let’s see how far that goes, when they come knocking on their doors hard on.

      • Wizened WNs

        …such as we,
        have developed our Righteous Truths into a certain smugness
        where we prophesize an extrapolation of such victimization into future true awareness of “the Real” MINO.
        And thereby, millennials will suddenly “awaken” by the sheer (obvious) savagery of coloreds, etc.

        The danger lies in expecting GENBrandon etc., to actually possess this capacity for rational thought.
        I suspect our “cry in the wilderness” actually results in MORE Millennial sulking.

        The saying once used was “biting off one’s nose to spite one’s face”.
        I’ve dealt with them – you’ve dealt with them; they are ineducable.

        Perhaps…perhaps maybe…
        GEN Brandon’s grandkids will mature into lethal animals from enduring decades of future oppression by MINOs.
        But by then I will no longer give a squirt of piss.

      • The deep understanding of WN is not necessary but to the very top leaders.

        A dog would know what to do, whereas a man needs some sort of justification for his actions. Simpler men can do well just to follow their instincts. Intellect can be, and is, a hinderance for most whites today.

        I don’t believe in mass education. Takes too long. If we had the loyalty of a large number of whites, that would be enough.

      • Not even Clint Eastwood can joke about that tranny. I wonder how he feels about being muzzled by his masters. Too bad. I though he was a badass once.

        Even with a pile of money in his pocket, he doesn’t have the balls to make a move. Just goes to show that rich men can’t be revolutionaries. Hey Clintie, throw me a mil! I’ll handle it.

        [ed note: “somebody should” tell Mr. Squint that is in actuality, the Murka that HEROKyleSniper!!!™ fought and died for…the kind of “free cuntry” where even a rich Hollywood gazillionaire can’t even speak with “freeeeedumb”]

      • LOL. That nig’s just looking for trouble. Some people are clueless.

        What kind of job does one work where he can afford 48K in rent/year? That’s insanity. You’ve got to be focused on the cash to live in NYC.

        [ed note: i think, only foreigners with H1B visas displacing former usa white grey-collars with cheaper wages can afford NYC now lol]

    • It appears nihilism is the only solution!

      Someone needs to throw a bomb from the outside that sets off NYC, DC, LA and other LN stronghold, like a Hollywood Alien invasion movie.

      • Nihilism is a step on the way to white supremecism Take it as far as you can, and you’ll pass through it.

        There’s an interesting movie out there, JS. It’s about an housewife who becomes allergic to the American way of life.

        It’s a little bit weird, but you may like it. The name is “Safe”.

  5. Ryu: Much of the under 30 year old, White demographic in Manhattan, comes from wealth. A lot of them are also in Jew industries, where voracious parasitism is at work. Think, media, law and finance, which defines NYC.

    There are almost no White youngsters in NYC working in jobs that matter. All of them are taken up by MINOs, who usually live outside of Manhattan and become servants to these rich kids.

    • This sounds very strange to me, JS. I believe you, but it is foreign.

      I just do not see that much wealth around me, or in the USA, that parents can send 10 million white kids to NYC to hang out at 60K/year.

      Why don’t you infiltrate and rip them off yourself? You don’t they don’t fight back.

      • NYC has only 8 million people. Manhattan has 1.5 million, half of them are Miggas, and the other half are Whites (most of them are at the top of the food chain, relatively comparing to the rest of the nation).

        Well, I have a business and I have a lot of these kids pay my living expenses. What else should I do?

  6. And no, H1Bs usually do not live in NYC, at least the expensive parts we’re discussing about.

    It’s only very privileged White Millennials who get to 3Fs in Manhattan. I use to have a co-worker, who was paying $5K/month for an apartment in a nice area. His job salary was only $60K/year. Of course the math is wrong, so where is the money coming from? His dad was paying for his living arrangements.

  7. Liberal nazis= marxist,bolshevik,zionist chosenites

  8. Whats wrong with Pizza? If made properly (toppings and Quinoa ) its one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

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