Combat The Beast Fears

by Firepower

Fucked FOUR Generations of Bush – AND Clintons!

Vietnam proved long ago the USG is beatable. The same Perfumed Princes who dodged the draft in 1971 became colonels in 1991 under Bill “Cumshots” Clinton and generals in 2001 – or outright Republican Rulers like Georgie (Pantload) W. Bush. They are an Evil that serves wildly disparate rulers with equal duplicity. There is a proof Mr. Firepower freely gives you to always use as a test to determine Evil: If a demon survives both a Bush and Obama regime it is a True Evil.

Supposedly, Bushie was a “history major” in Harvard; he obviously got The Gentleman’s “C” while dodging class to bang debutantes in his drunken frathouse seccapades.  It’s what Elites do. They’ll keep on doing worse to your grandchildren and ancestors until they are eradicated – both Houses of Filth.  It truly astounds how a ……. history major actually alive during Vietnam would fuckbumble his way back into Iraq aka Vietnam 2.0. Well, sleeping late in the Harvard dorm while Drafted Jordies get fragged by Charlie has its benefits. Ask Al Gore.

This example (below) of a Perfumed Prince SuperGeneral had years after “Mission Accomplished!” banners flew for Bushie’s photo-op. This is the result:

Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero said Mosul is booby-trapped with explosives and controlled by thousands of suicidal fighters. Evicting them will take a coordinated ground and air campaign with precise intelligence on enemy locations. It is a combat mix that Iraqis simply lack the ability to execute…”

All them Jordies killed from “FahtinFurMurrka!” – and your tax megabuck$$$ – pissed down the hell shaft and that’s what we get: Dumbass coward South Vietnamese II repeats too stupid and chicken to fight for their own land. Guess we’ll have to get Gomer Jr. from the Fly Farmm to liberate them again with the battle cry “fahtfurmurka!”

I told you streetfighting in urban areas is scary as FUCK – for the attacker. It was called MOUT: Military Operations in Urban Territory.

Clues abound as to what UncleBeast truly fears:

Urban fighting is the most sophisticated, complex fight there is,” Mr. Barbero said. “Multidimensional. It’s direct fire. Indirect fire. Precision fires. … you can’t go in there and just run with it. So it has to be a very, very precise application of firepower against an enemy that has no regard for the population and will indiscriminately use violence to hold on. There’s no way the Iraqi Security Forces will be ready for this kind of fighting.”

If USG is scared to fight ISIS in cities, imagine what lengths they go to to avoid, pacify and deceive the MOG. Can ya? Why, they’ll stoop to any filthy trick no matter how evil to keep their Executive Fuck Chambers on Moated Castle Manhattan and Feudal DC.

You people really don’t get this – and it’s not that hard.

To take down the group, the U.S. must go after its leadership, for which intelligence is spotty.”

Deception is valuable. Leaders must use deception.

…most casualties are from IEDs,” Mr. Barbero said. “When they go into an area, they encounter ‘belts’ of IEDs.”

Ted Kaczynski scared the christfuck out of UncleBeast.


31 Comments to “Combat The Beast Fears”

  1. The real military “genuis” of Islam is its willingness to slaughter its own on a large enough scale to tug deeply at the heart strings of the “white” liberal. This runs in contrast to an Uncle Beast who holds capabilities for large scale eradication of his enemies, but refrains to the point of defeat… All the while still perceived as the most vicious and ruthless entity.

    The real question for the genuine white Supremacist isn’t where in this hellhole one should look to jump in or to make his splash, but rather, how to get out of this all-encompassing hellhole short of Final Liberation?

    • Jonathan Living Seagull went to heaven, TD. But he felt the need to come back to Earth. So did Jesus.

      A true white supremacist cannot just sit on the mountain while his less advanced brothers annihilate themselves. This is, in fact, part of what you are doing.

      • You’re half right, Ryu. But I sit on no mountains. From a strictly material standpoint, I literally own nothing. And yet, it’s both the cost and the benefit of freedom. At the same time, I have spent many, many sunny days poolside, literally. I’ve gaze upon the most radical of liberationists on a weekly/weekend basis for basically the last twenty years. I’ve perpetrated my own acts of self-annihilation to which there are no physically absolving solutions. I see that there is no “men’s movement” and therefore ESPECIALLY no white men’s movement. There is only white man’s movement. And it is towards white Supremacy. Even then, one isn’t mandated to know the true meaning of white Supremacy, but only, to know that white man’s movement is towards white Supremacy and this is Truth.

  2. Who is the ugly broad in the photo?

    • Just some cheerleader for a sport team. Her genetics are not great and she’s not proportional/symmetrical. She is the type who would do best as a breeder-wife for a white trailer guy.

      • There’s nothing wrong with a trailer guy that better conditions couldn’t improve. You are buying into a stereotype.

  3. I propose to dump WN, the racial movement, as it currently stands. It does not work, and few will fight for it.

    The class aspect is tremendously strong in the USA. Murka’s ruling class is rich jews, rich white liberals, and a few of their pet minos. Virtually all WNs are middle class or working class, and will slide into poverty.

    The more I study Communism and the French Revolution, the better it looks. Class + race may work.

    • IEDs scare BIGov. It’s why you haven’t seen Iraq 3.0 – yet.

      The only way it happens is if, by some miracle, a Republicant is elected and he blunders us into it bc all goppers want is: to invade EVERYBODY then tell you who you can have sex with.

      Dagon fears not free speech. Muzz Militantz morph…from Al-Queda to ISIS to…what the fuck ever kicks UncleBEAST’s ass.

      Wn does not morph; it’s the same hillbilly in a 60s paneled trailer with an SA uniform on, ranting about Fluoride. The only modification is the “I’m a-movin’ to BFE” to a compound to escape browning of all major cities.

      Not only do oathSleepers/sp’ers/whites/wns NOT march on DC – the entire apple-dumpling gang don’t even spray-paint shit 1/100th of what one spick gang does. Remember that Cali transformer/power station that got shot up?

    • Yes! And all the Anglo nations are purely capitalistic, where wealth disparity is very apparent.

      Stop seeking non-Whites in America as allies. You’re better off seeking Whites from non-English nations.

    • Ryu: TD’s question was, do we just let America rot? It’s hopeless at this point, so we’ll let it implode by itself. The country looks more like a wasteland by the day. To me, the rich could have this filthy country all to themselves and their leftover toys. I really own nothing in this country, just a bank account with moderate savings and a few shelves of books.

      • For many high IQ “white” males, the real question is do “we” prophet the self-annihilation of the radical liberal for profit? The resoundling answer has been “yes, we do!”

        BUT ALSO…

        How do “we” solidify this turnkey operation? In other words, how do “we” perpetuate self-annihilators for profit?

      • js wrote: do we just let America rot? It’s hopeless at this point, so we’ll let it implode

        Understand this amounts to “fighting” ISIS by putting all your gold in a sack, hiding in a Mosul cellar and reading The Turner Diaries until you hear their footsteps above you…

        If/when MINOs eventually conquer all Murka, you will have less numbers of whites as allies – and lower quality ones also.

      • When MINOs take over America, it will just become one big ghetto. Think Detroit, Camden, Baltimore, Ferguson and Oakland. By that time, most of the WLs will be obliterated by them and that’s a good thing. The stronger and more intelligent of the proletariat Whites will prevail and be pushed to a corner (which is a good thing as they become self aware). Once the infestation is apparent, the cleansing is easier. You just blow up the darn place. Niggas are not going anywhere, never did and never will.

        Or we could facilitate the process, by eliminating the population in the liberal centers, covertly and nicely.

      • In terms of allies, it’s recommended you seek alliance, help, emotional support and guidance from Whites outside of Murka. Most Murkan Zombie Chumps aren’t going to a darn thing.

      • I don’t want to let America rot.

        Alot of those goodies the rich have – are mine. I want them back. Then when it’s in my pocket, they can pound sand. Revenge is a sweet dish. It is a singular taste.

    • Creating a robust Communism that runs on ethnic lines would be extremely challenging. Your pool of young recruits is composed of LBG’s, minos, feminists, hipsters,nerds, eco-warriors and jews. I have been to a contemporary Students for a Democratic Society meeting and it’s not a pretty site. I can’t think of one collective of Communists within the United States that is anti-gay, pro-masculinity, and supportive of the majority ethnic group. If you know of any, please share.

      • We shall have to make one.

        I can easily imagine a racist, communist, islamic white race. In fact, the “rightist” type WN is too individualistic – AND they don’t celebrate the greatest individuals, which are the McVeighs and Breviks.

        Communism means living and doing as a group. Soldiers do this. They live, shit, and eat all together. Comrades with a similar struggle. That “feeling” is of such value that soldiers crave it decades after they retire.

      • political animal: If you know of any, please share.

        The difference you noted is the fundamental difference between Communo/Socialism and National Socialism.

        Communism is race inclusive; it’s based mainly on economics.
        NS is exclusive.

      • “I can easily imagine a racist, communist, islamic white race.”

        Isn’t that just National Socialism?

  4. The Oathkeepers were very involved with the Kelly Thomas case and also the Bundy Ranch situation. I went to a couple of meetings over the last couple of years and my Jewdar was working overtime. Problem is the whole org was founded by a jew so what would we expect. OKs are like the teapartiers now. Very informed and can talk about anything but race.

  5. >Class + race may work<<

    Class alone explains a lot, but not everything. Race alone explains a lot, but not everything. Race and class together explain everything.

    • thrasymachus33308 said: Race and class together explain everything.

      This is why I present an integrated approach to Liberal nazism learned from the failure of the Men’s Rights “Movement”.

      It’s not one enemy destroying us, but an integrated, diverse phalanx of United Liberal nazis seeking the destruction of one enemy: White Men.

      I had thought I found a good Communist writer in Eradican to espouse Class Struggle, but ryu does it far more succinctly – and reliably.

      Marx had it wrong: Class Consciousness was/is needed to awaken the Proletariat, but it is not the sole revelation because Race Consciousness is also needed. That is my Cause. I’ve never heard that term used before so I presume I invented it; but I’m sure if it was Simultaneous Invention, Erin will reprimand me immediately.

      Toss in a bit of Gender Consciousness courtesy of the MRM and anyone realizing this triad sees all: They have attained the ultimate Supreme Consciousnesses. When td realizes this and applies SC he may will have attained it also.

      • That is what is called intersectionality.

        [ed note: nexus, integrated, incorporated, diversified – it’s the glorious versatility of the English Language, fully displayed]

      • Individuals have no power in a capitalist society, if they have no money. And the rich only have power so long as they’ve got cash.

        China shows the way. It is a Communist society, with Capitalist economics. They are at the same time, more and less free than the Americans. There you can’t vote; here you can, but it doesn’t matter.

  6. But we have to fight them over there so that they can replace us over here!

  7. You can tell that Firepower was inspired by “the Hack” (Lt. Col David Hackworth) on this post. FP was a “stud”.

    • Def. He was badass.

      • Ryu, do you still keep in contact with FP? and have you followed Dr. Murray F. Rottencrotch’s trajectory after he left Eradica?

      • FP’s long gone, PA. Probably permenantly retired. I post his old stuff because it is GOOD, still true and should be remembered.

        I haven’t followed Rottencrotch. You know him? What happened to him?

      • Well, that’s certainly bad for us.

        For the sake of maintaining the Doctor’s anonymity, I won’t post anything on this site regarding his identity. However, I could send you an email and fill you in.

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