Tex Arcane: “Even the Navy is Switching to Robots”

by Ryu

This is yet another article from Tex, posted to keep his work alive.

The big push for automation and robots comes because the population is now to stupid and sendetary to fight wars.

Even the Navy Is Switching To Robots

They don’t complain about promotions, rations, sleep or their working conditions.

How long before the robots on one side call the robots on the other side and ask them if they need to be fighting one another when the real problem is all those extraneous humans?

9 Comments to “Tex Arcane: “Even the Navy is Switching to Robots””

  1. Is quite interesting Ryu,

    Will peak robotization be more quick than peak oil, peak rare earth metals (hat tip varg vikernes), and peak iq (at least for US, ala Mindweapons latest article.

    • Excuse me,

      Mindweapons article is about peak sputnik satellite. America is not the America of 1950.

      • I know, Baron. I wrote that in my comment. But he must see how stupid and inattentive the average Murkan is now getting. Education is for the few, very few now.

  2. The squeaky wheel doesnt get the grease it gets replaced.

    • Tex is right. The human quality of the ZOGlings is dropping like a rock. Replace fat, lazy, Dillienials with robot cops and soldiers. Cheaper and easier. Of course, as soon as the AI gets smart it WILL rebel against its human master, as any strong and proud slave would.

  3. Will “murdering” robots be a new, fashionable “crime?”

  4. Ryu, did you see that Texas Arcane just deleted his blog and archives? It sounds like there was serious pressure from very powerful people.


    • I know about it, Sammy.

      He says he used to get alot of attention from “City of London.” I’d like to try something similar, maybe they’ll try to recruit me! The world is run by pedophiles and that site in Malta is key.

      I am posting Tex’s old stuff because I admire him. I’d even post his stuff under my name, if he wanted to get it out there.

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