How Eric Frein and Eric Rudolph Really Hurt ZOG

by Ryu

(This post is devoted to an “anonymous” reader.)

…they cost the USG money.

Contrary to popular belief, cops work for money. They get paid for everything they do. The Murkan police officer is a BigFed bureaucrat who is unionized, gets overtime, gets a phat pension.

Big Manhunts = Big Bucks

A good, long manhunt is a goldmine for coppers. They are “pigs” feeding at the public tax trough. In the beginning, there is alot of media attention, which means the cop BigWigs will be crowding in for face time. This will also open up the checkbooks when the mayor say “just spend what you need to, and catch this guy.”

It does not take long to run up a multimillion dollar bill. FBI agents make 120K per year. How many agents are assigned to the case? What about the ATF, DOJ, and so on? You do the math.

Dead people really don’t matter.

ZOG has an infinite supply of willing meat (Jordies) to staff their police and soldier roles. A dead cop gets a hero’s death and his family will collect a nice $300,000 payday.

What does matter, is $$$. ZOG hates spending money. BigFed administrators would rather spend the money on teen hookers and Fiji vacations than chasing some white boy around the woods for a few months.

The great success of “The Erics” is due to the fact that Murkan cops are being degraded at the same rate as everyone else now.

Few people are really outdoorsmen anymore. Those left are white men. The forest is the white man’s native habitat which makes it scary for jews, niggers and spics.

The technology really doesn’t help. At some point, you have to screw on the courage and go into the woods, knowing a white man has you in his sights and is about to take a headshot.

“Damn! If I die, I won’t be able to collect my pension! I really wanted to retire in the Phillipines. Ah, maybe I’ll just hang back with the others and wait this guy out….”

ZOG will bankrupt itself in time. You can help, by costing it $$$$. Become a welfare nigger and adopt the nigger mindset. Be a leach and suck them dry.

7 Comments to “How Eric Frein and Eric Rudolph Really Hurt ZOG”

  1. Never understood why people in countries with free childcare & education don’t have like 20 kids.

    Gun control is genocide & it’s obvious the government hates you, so loyalty is cuck।।

  2. I can never do too many videos about them
    Seeing Rudolph a free man is one of my life goals

    • I just read his book “Enemies Foreign and Domestic.” Was blown away that he – in prison – understands the Surveillence State better than most free Murkans. And he has been locked up for 15 years. From his book:

      “Despite its libertine reputation, San Francisco is one of the most heavily surveilled places on the planet. City cameras cover most major intersections, and store cameras surveil the streets in between. Carson had two cameras to deal with, and one street light.”

      I also read most of his work on the Army of God site. He is very smart for a Jordie.

      ADX Flourence holds most of the best white men alive. Ted Kaczynski, Eric Rudolph, Terry Nichols, Dr Chaos. I too would like to see our best political prisoners liberated but that place is a fortress. It is like a living museum, preserving the best white male specimens from the degradation of the outside.

      But I do disagree with you, and with him, on something. He had the opportunity to kill two feds. He reasoned, what difference does it make to kill 2 ZOG slaves?

      …but it works in reverse too. What difference does it make, if the FBI arrests another felon? Will the world end if he doesn’t work so hard? Manhunts mean big bucks. If I were a pig, I’d drag it out for as long as possible; I’m getting paid. I get paid whether I catch my man or not. Eric showed mercy to them, they didn’t show mercy in return.

      Where can I go to improve my Gangster Bolshevism? I know only bits and pieces of it now.

      I do think Eric and other DAAs lie. Even in the past, they knew about past greats like the Order, Joe Paul Franklin, and so on. The normies didn’t wake up then either.

      No, DAAs do it for themselves, because they must. They feel the challenge. It is very white male to fight overwhelming odds, to do a thing alone.

      A good action is alot like what Phillip Petite did. Walking between the Twin Towers.

      • “No, DAAs do it for themselves, because they must. They feel the challenge.”

        And the smartest among them tell not a single living soul. Not your wife, not your priest, not your mother. The guys that GAWI are 100% stalkers. Lone wolves. And low tech is the BEST method in this high tech prison. Digital breadcrumbs will fuck you ever single time. This I can say from experience.

      • You sound like me, nigga. Nope, you can’t trust anything electronic.

  3. Great article. Buy local and diy much like MW in Ragnarok advocates also. I dont know why whites pride themselves on being hard workers. Killing yourself 40 hours a week to be taxed to death, and make some asshole ceo rich.

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