Blogging: The Gilded Cage

by Firepower

Part One (of a maybe three part series)…

Distracting Acting

Blogging Heroes

Blogging Heroes (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

Blogging is the gilded cage of the Computer Immersed Generation.

It exaggerates (miles past the threshold of abuse) that Great American Myth of “a great novel is in EVERYone!” No, it most certainly is not. A great series of abstract articles is perhaps in everyone.  The truly gifted have a “Long Run of a Great Series of Articles…”

Reflecting its times, that cherished myth is subsequently reduced to mere simplistic, pedestrian sharing of transient thoughts and so much comfortably easier than actually writing that Great Book.

It is the junk-food porn for Gen ADD; easy concepts written with functional facility designed for comforting repetition – for both author and reader. Pseudo-intellectuals pass vapid thought off as deep thought to simpletons likewise fascinated with Reality TV. Even more dangerous are well-intentioned simpletons who become enlightened enough to disavow Reality TV to instead “upgrade” worshiping (on a higher plane) at the feet of a similar false god – the blogger churning out equally recycled themes.  This is not a malevolent relationship, but one of confusion in an age with too many choices. These are all prisoners of an identical habit who ignore the obvious similarity:  The problem is not those hyping the empty container of snake oil, but the blind adherents wanting more… emptiness.

Exceptional and gifted writers contribute to this problem:  The greatest disaster is, some of…

…the best and brightest also happen to be writers structurally binding themselves to daily speculations spun in words replacing intelligent action.  Fertile minds that may have caused change with real action blur and dilute amongst the mediocre in a mediated format.  Progress is phoned-in, and writing of ideas trumps actual application of ideas.  A dedication to writing trumps dedication to action.  The “revolution” does not pass one by, but instead withers while the original thinkers tinker at their keyboards.

To use the harsh and intrinsically inaccurate criticism of academe: Those that can’t, teach.  Here, is the milder observation on the new media, blogging:

Those that won’t – write.

Both good and bad writers find themselves ensnared in traps where writing supplants doing – Ben Franklin is too busy editing Poor Richard’s Almanac, to participate in the revolution. Any revolution.

To Be Continued

19 Responses to “Blogging: The Gilded Cage”

  1. Well, I do agree with you. Baal might agree even more. A man can reach alot more ears on this medium. We can’t get on TV or radio, so this has to do. We’ll get there. There’s a progression, especially since WN has become a middle class movement with all our vices.

  2. You might have a point here FP.
    Maybe you should do one of those Good Things/Bad Things Tables. I think they call them Gant Charts or some such crap.

    ed note: no thanks. I’ll let some anonymous blognerd go to the trouble. i’m too famous

  3. What can one possibly say to this? I’m GeishaKate, and I’d rather read blogs than watch t.v. 🙂 Some of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met have been through the internet. However, the very thing that brings us together is what separates us. Brings to mind the following quotation from Hamlet:
    ” And thus the native hue of resolution
    Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought;
    And enterprises of great pith and moment,
    With this regard, their currents turn awry,
    And lose the name of action.”
    Of course, the kind of action referred to there is not the kind that is helpful to any cause.

  4. “WN has become a middle class movement”

    Bullshit. WN is counterproductive.

  5. All intelligent action begins as idea. Without intelligent framework in which action will be constructive, or at least memorable, action is a gangbanger’s gun hanging out a window and blowing the head off a three-year-old. Right now, I think there are comparative few standing against an enormous wave of homicidal, deracinating groupthink. Right now, it’s OK to exchange ideas, even if they’re from noodling blogs. The time will come to blow off heads. The ideas may keep them from being our own.

    ed note: I concur, yet I still sense blogging could deteriorate into another MySpace or “chatroom” scenario of frivolity. That’s why I encourage readers to examine the books in links I’ve provided; to expand upon successful concepts already long in place. Much blogging is recycling what I call “The Daily Outrage!” where commenters merely vent and let off steam, deflating whatever useful anger they possess.

  6. FP You are trying to confuse your commentariat by writin’ a load of shite. Perversely making your arguments true in your case.

    ed note: I will admit to my Irishness. If one hath Kissed The Stone, does it still damn his words eternally false?

  7. FP, I think you have a good point here. Still, it is important to have writers. Now it is a question of limitations. There are far too many people offering opinions that have no merit. This is a new phenomenon. The answer to limitation is not through any type of government measure, it will have to be policed by the person and the community – just like in real life when you talk to your friends and neighbors. Can that even be accomplished with the anonymity of forums and blog comments? [ed note: negative; no it cannot. I try to do it here because all of my posters are intelligent, BUT Stupid Blog wants eyeballs, so, they PANDER TO THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR]

    I agree that writing is used as a substitute for real action. However, talented writers encourage others to act on their ideas. That’s why journalism exists. It is a force. Yet, that world was far too closed before the age of the internet.

    People are not prone to moderation, so we have created a verbal diarrhea of ideas and comments that span the globe. We leveled the playing field. The problem with leveling the field is that the bar never rises, it will always drop to meet the least valuable or least talented. And everyone above them suffers.

    I cannot figure out how to fix it yet.
    [I may have, but it involves eugenics]

    • Thanks much: your comments at ONEStdv resonated…but, not amongst The Stupid.
      One’s point was “look at these ONLINE losers daring to criticize Kate Upton’s figure…then, as if on cue from the God of Irony, ChuckChimesIn with: “but she’s thick-waisted!” Hopeless.

      It IS important to have writers with brains and something to say. We don’t need more National Enquirer writers blaring about the “alt-right” equivalent to Kim Kardashian’s LATEST outrage.

      I’m going to write on Internet V TV. TV, once considered THE education tool of The Millennium. Look at it today. Same thing will happen to the webz. But, twittered down still further.

      • FP, I wanted to respond to the notes you made in my original comment here.
        ed note: check out other (shorter) articles in my “blogging” category]
        I do think eugenics is plausible and necessary. When we look to that past, a tremendous amount of policy was HBD based. Eugenics falls into that realm. Slavery, miscegenation laws, immigration restrictions, etc… We did not discover HBD. We rediscovered HBD. It used to be a mix of common sense, patriotism, tribalism, and shared experience and history. We’ve lost that on all accounts now. Now we base it on science. Unfortunately, we have lost the human element in the encouragement of HBD policies. We lost the societal and cultural war on that front. And because science is political now, we are losing on the front that should be the most compelling.
        [ed note; yes, science is indeed politicized today]
        I try to be pragmatic. In order to bring back eugenic policies, we have to redefine the essential parameters. HBD cannot be based on race, as it was in the past.
        [i’m fine with that; base it on the criminal class. eradicate them. first, put them in forced military service to expend all that extra-testosterone of youth. perhaps they can diffuse that warrior juice until they hit 50 (and age-related t-level depletion) and retire. if they become a problem in the military – execute them]
        As a community, we need to focus on health, disease, IQ, predilections, and other genetic aspects that create and define a person.

        Government has a responsibility to protect society. That is why men institute governments. The enemies are foreign and domestic. The past 40 years have encouraged the wrong idea that government has no right to influence your sexual proclivities. That does not stand up to scrutiny. Government has an obligation to protect its people. One of the most important lines in the Constitution is contained in the Preamble -“…and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” Nations (and civilizations) exist in the promise of their posterity. When government fails to protect the posterity of its people the nation dies. We are living in that world.
        [i agree. if AIDS patients get FREE government care for their disease, then homosexuality must be regulated. same for welfare sows spitting out a new future parolee every 9 months]

        I cannot support abortion as a form of eugenics.
        [abortion is not birth control; i agree]
        I am a Christian and I believe that life begins at conception. I do not believe the government may end a life, unless a capital crime has been committed, or in war-time conditions. However, I believe the government has the authority to sterilize populations that are not conducive to the nation and civilization. I believe the government has the authority to regulate procreation between sexual partners. While the Preamble hints to this race authority, it does not have to be expressly defined. It is a function of government as the controlling representative of past people, existing people, and the posterity of that nation.

  8. Those that won’t – what Firepower?

    Won’t what?

    You’re the man, you’ve got it all going on, so what is it that others won’t, for which you’ll excoriate them for not doing?
    [WHAT the hell…are you talking aboot. sober up before some guy in a paintbrush moustache gets you to strap a bomb to your chest and walk in to Bulgarian Israeli Tour bus]

    • Ah geez, there you go with the sober up thing again. It’s your knee jerk reaction to any pertinent question that is too difficult for you to answer without a 3 line haiku.

      I’ll repeat the question again. You said Those that won’t – write. I ask, those that won’t what?

      What are *you* talking about Firepower?

  9. wonderful points altogether, you just received a new reader.
    What would you suggest about your post that you just made a few
    days in the past? Any more?

    [ed note: suggestion #1: don’t waste time complaining to complainers on a blog built on complaint. i’ve already wrote a lot on this subject]


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