Timetable For America’s Demise

by Firepower

In the narrative of prophecy, ballpark assumptions are required as the currency of communication, conveying an idea of future potentialities.  I wrote this article months ago so it’s interesting to see how it played out, laying in its WordPress draft time capsule.

In reality, the Death of America won’t be like the death of a living being, where it’s there one moment and gone forever the next.  Countries and societies in decline stumble, seemingly disappear, then re-emerge briefly only to fade away again in a lingering, protracted death.   Think of a drowning drunk bobbing and gasping for air.  Such a rich country will take longer to extinguish – but fall it will.  In the ocean, whale carcasses take the longest to completely decay.  England died in 1900, yet it still built Titanics.  When it fiddled with World War One. it was an elderly chap who wanted a fight.  He took a few punches and really seemed OK, but the …

…lasting impact spread deeper like a spinal injury.  Finally, he lapsed into a coma.  Brain dead,  his chest heaves on a respirator, awaiting Goddie’s decision on what is truly death.

Don’t like it?  It, like, harshes ya out?  Fine.  Stick  your head in the sand…some more

Your future scenario approximates the decline of this guideline – but all with colored villains:

  1. A Clockwork Orange
  2. Soylent Green / Hunger Games
  3. Planet of the Apes
  4. The Time Machine (Eloi & Morlocks) – the book, not the movies

Soldiers For THE RACE

Los Angeles and even Detroit were once lovely, peaceful, pleasant places to live – especially for White People.  Their fall is the microcosm for all of America – the example of what will happen to the larger picture.  What happens in LA next happens in California.  What happens in CA happens in all of America.  That’s the Firepower hispanic model – the Detroit Model maps out black ameriqa.

There are only so many states of being.  The state of peace, or war, and an interim.  Today we actually exist in a peaceful interim – a buildup to latter war, simple conflict, or societal upheaval.  Naturally, this netherworld is frustrating because we cannot reap the rewards of peace as did 1946 America, nor relish victory over a hated enemy in wartime.  England was not really out of WW2 until 1960.  The war broke them.  They still had rationing and rubble-strewn streets despite massive US aid.  Today, only London is the Elite Capital.  The rest of the country looks as prosperous as it was in 1900; that is not progress.  All England profits from today is financial enterprise.  It has an economy the size of California – not much progress when you once ruled the world.  And, they don’t even have coloreds destroying their cities (yet) nor a horde of borderjumpers 50 feet away yearning to “better themselves in ‘merica” with Welfare Freebies.

Only those that suffer war’s random cruelty will look back upon us now as fortunate.  Those enjoying any future peace will think us fools.   Those living in any future interim won’t think about us at all and will remain stupidly ignorant of the past, as most Americans complicitly are today.

In the meantime, a hispanic President will be elected; he’ll likely be an appealing, moderate “Ricky” Rubio-type the Womyn LUV and vote into power – whereupon he (or she) will open legal floodgates for Mexico to bring in more voters to help La Raza.   The next fuehrer will be the rabid black demagogue activist-type like Al Sharpton, Kwame Kilpatrick or Maxine Waters.  Maybe an equally aggressive hispanic – or any mix of 21st century colored blend fit for a current TV commercial.  Many more will follow, causing permanent destruction.  Once these types are accepted into the National Lexicon (like Obama) the doors are fully open to more militant Colored Racists who’ll be seen as The New Normal by their increasingly colored and likewise militant mob constituency.  During this colored ascent, Whites will not even maintain their current ratio of the population – our numbers will simultaneously decline while the coloreds’ rise.  That, creates a whole new circumstance in the urgency of decline.

Vamoose Gringo:  He Who Has The Guns Makes The Rules

We all like to stock up on bullets and gear; that’s the fun part.  However, if you assume in ten years you’ll be engaging roving bandits in apocalyptic, fun-filled, action-packed shootouts at Fort House, you’re fantasizing.   The final, deadly times will only arrive in approximately 50 or more years.   I always instruct readers to add that number to your current age to predict what level of fit Warrior Rambo you’ll really be…in a wheelchair with a pissbag slung on the side instead of an AK.

Before you put on your 2075 A.D. Government Eyeglasses (and those Government Dentures) to meet that final sunset & shootout with The Colored Mobs ransacking your property, you must face reality.  Real Reality – not TV/Movie Reality.  Preparing for war gives humans something to do; it makes us think we’re effective and doing “something” by taking preventative action.  Residents of Berlin and Saigon felt much the same way before the sword fell.  There wasn’t much they could do anyway:  The die was cast, their fate, sealed.

That fabulous, envisioned American World of giant beds, taut bodies, endless buffets, fucking porn queens and a Maybach is not yours.  It belongs to the unborn grandson of a Future Elite.  Repeat: It is not yours – unless you take it.  And you’ll have to.

More In Part II

33 Responses to “Timetable For America’s Demise”

  1. Pretty good. You should integrate some financial and environmental predictions. But most important of all, what do you advise? I don’t like that future, likely though it is.

    • I’ll address some of that in part 2.

      Simply put, wherever the elite are not, nor care about, there will be the sludge pit dumping ground. If it affects their food in rural areas, it will remain clean. A recent look inside Future World was the BP Gulf Oil Spill; all the elite cared about was those fat gulf shrimp decorating their $45 shrimp cocktails in Manhattan bistros. Once they were restocked, the world’s largest oil spill in history was quickly forgot.

      The advice is clear: If current generations do nothing when Hilary is President, they will get ever weaker as The Elite grow stronger – stronger until the passage of time wears your young bones into helpless old bones. The older you get, the weaker you’ll be. You cannot rely upon Today’s Brandons or their Future Kids to help in 2032 – they are stupider by degrees to their ancestors. They will be the soylent sheep. By 2062 amerixica will only be fit to live in – in Manhattan. The rest of the country will look like Tijuana looks like to Mexico City.

  2. You know about that, huh? Yes, Hillary will be president. Ugh. What a thought.

    • Thanks! Nice video. Am I supposed to be shocked? The horrors! What’s more brutal – chopping off a head or shooting someone with automatic fire? One is not more noble than the other.

      • decapitation is a powerful psychological tool to be used against ones enemies whoever they are, so long as an avenue of escape is provided (sun tsu) fear can demolish an enemies will to resist. americans have always understood this since scalping, WNs should take note when the time comes

  3. good point, i myself have been rhuminating over another factor (or vector as you say). seeing as the left is more or less a loosely controled group of minorities, as they become ascendant in this nation, you will see perhaps a more “conservative” section of public employee AA browns and a race baiting radical group, there will be a split at some point, and the “elite” are supported by the loyal browns, it wouldn’t take much to get a race baiting lunatic in the POTUS position in say 5 years seeing as where we are now, and they are notoriously not friendly with internationalist bankster types, essentially i am saying that we go full on latin america, and begin to see brown populist leaders pushing authoritarian cult of personality (MLK, whites be raciss) and a corpratist ISI sort of system, these potential leaders would of course lead to destabilization, and further radicalize the white masses, most likely around the elite, who may potentially get race involved and viola we have white “nationalists” struggling agianst the brown horde for the protection of the elites system. of course if racialized whites gain a monopoly on state violence it is all over, similar to the late roman german generals who essentially took the faggot roman hedonists out side the palace and skull fucked them when the time was right. i only say this as i am studying latin politics in higher education currently and can see the connection

    • Excellent points.

      Mine is not so much a Pessimistic View, but a stern, Cassandra-like warning to The Sleepers. Had Romans paid heed to their bellwethers, they wouldn’t have had Visigoths shitting on the marble in the Coliseum.

      The .38 skull-cleansing is not for you, but your enemy. I always write a provision telling the reader of hope. Be a semi-prepper. Just don’t go full bore – buy a few guns. One good 9mm pistol. One good rifle – lots of ammo.
      Make your prof earn his pay – and simultaneously lead the public discussion to plant seeds in the classroom audience. This was the kind of subversion I relished.

      Initiate a discussion by asking pointed, provocative questions so interesting both speaker and audience are hooked.
      Get an answer for why Romans never rebelled against their government – even when it was weak – to go back to the “Good Old Days” of the empire, but instead, vanished under the tide of immigrants.

      Romans never rebelled to save their way of life, they just followed it down the cloaca. Report to us what the educrat stance was, and how well you do.

  4. also firepower, i like your review of soylent green, i bring it too my family get togethers for a post meal sci-fi trip into the future, it is a favorite of mine as well. but sometimes your pessimism makes me want to suck a .38, cheers

  5. Wow! That’s a story I’ll read. Where did you get that white girl/Pittsburg story? That guy had better become a rapid WN. I’ll eat my hat if Piggy posted that.

  6. Once China develops the Working Class it’s long been nurturing, they’ll have their own consumers with the purchasing power needed – to buy their own products.

    After that, when the usa is then seen as merely a 2nd rate colored nation competing against China, the Asians will execute amerexica. But, only after they’ve gotten the usa to buy all their goods and the economy is depleted.

    Asians will never dispose of a worn tire as long as it holds air. When bald, amerexica will be disposed of and junked.

    And, White Pussy will always gravitate toward Trump Tower, you/we just won’t be invited.

    • then of course the gooks will being making their own consumer trinkets inside the NAFTA conglomerate of brown hordes, levintine technocrats and half caste mercenaries and a white farming population being harvested of poon as well as genocided a-la the Boers (most likely in covington’s area)

  7. i agree, this is what my father repeatedly says, although it would take a internal elite coup/ war to fully go WN, as they are very cosmopolitan, but if nationalism and particularly anti-black elites begin to surface in the USA that internal coup will occur.

  8. The film ‘The Time Machine’ has already been remade to feature white people as evil Morlocks and mulattos as the good Eloi. Samantha Mumba was among the Eloi and Jeremy Irons was among the Morlock.

    • Good point. I saw the film and it was so stupid I had to read the short story. H.G. Wells’ own words aptly describe how every race was to blame for the downfall, all without mentioning ethnicity of any.

  9. “I feel like whenever I disagree, you vanish”

    I’ve always read your replies to me and they’re appreciated. I respect your writing but Im more optimistic long term. There is a self fulfilling prophecy effect in human events.

    • Perhaps we should rename PA “the ghost”. LOL.

      PA, why do you post at Piggy’s so much? The guy’s a bug. It’s the same crap all the time, a rotating cluster fuck: an article about Olive Garden/Burger World, some nigger crime tragedy, another on the achievement gap, then one on football.

      • The answer is twofold: one, I like the guy on a personal level. we’ve never met but we’ve emailed each other quite a bit. Two, I see him as a mainstream establishment type of aspiring journalist who has a vibe of artless honesty and maybe even incorruptibility about him… its just a gut feeling, but i have a good feeling about him. Radicals are invaluable, but guys who can reach out to the other side and maybe move the overton window on the strength of their integrity are important too.

      • piggy likes me too so just ignore fp and ryu 🙂

      • Hmmm….integrity. But honest to what. The truth?

        A smart interrogator puts a man’s #1 and #2 values side by side. Choose one, Piggy. The existence of the white race, or the truth. Pigg chooses the truth and lets whites die.

        You read his post on the gym. He care more about germs than his training. He’s moderate, he wants to get “into pretty good shape.” When I talk about training, I talk about achieving one’s personal best, destroying limitation. The gym will tell you everything – in that place, you earn exactly what you’re worth.

        Piggy may make a good front man puppet. But he will never be a driving force. He’s not hungry enough, he doesn’t believe.

      • Moderates got you John McCain and Mitt Romney – is that what you want? How’d that turn out for you.

        Today, “moderates” don’t speak a truth because they actually believe in moderation… they are moderates because they fear punishment more than they desire their vanishing expression of free speech.

  10. “Men’s True Tales of Woe”

    I’m 100% with you about guys just bitching about the problem, which I think is at the center of what you’re driving home.

  11. This is the website for Golden Dawn – New York in case anyone is interested:


    I would watch very carefully what these people (GD) are doing in Greece. Find the blueprint and adjust it for local circumstances.

    Many of the old-time GD cadres served in the recent Balkan wars (see: Greek Volunteer Guard). As I’ve said, we need to develop a programme along cultural, political, and economic lines–but we musn’t forget the para-military aspect!

  12. Making broad forecasts is of limited utility without taking into account input of random variables.

    [ed note: Although you make it sound bad, it is precisely what leaders, generals and financiers make a living at. Were every random variable taken into consideration, nobody would get out of bed.]

  13. I’m interested. Thanks!

  14. Regarding TBTB-acceptable (kosher) WN: it already exists; it’s called Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s NYC. Black yoofs are dangerous, so the police stop and frisk them like there’s no tomorrow. They don’t even need to crack open a dense and boring race and IQ book to know that.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if race realism starts to become more and more mainstream in the coming years, but it will be tightly circumscribed by certain taboos. It won’t really be WN, but cognitive elitism because a certain special people occupy the top of the IQ totem pole. Racial profiling, stop and frisk laws, the end of affirmative action, etc., will become legal and acceptable, as they serve the interests of the elite. Race realism (and NOT WN) will serve as justification for authoritarian measures to keep Lawrence Auster and Lloyd Blankfein safe in their posh Manhattan shtetl. Elena Kagan will still ban KMac’s books because they’re hate speech, and the flood of latino poison will continue apace so that the Mitt Romney’s and Sheldon Adelson’s of the world may sit like an effendi and have their lawns mowed for mere cents.

    • You make many good points.

      Both the ostensibly conservative Giuliani and the ultra-leftist Bloomberg conduct a program of eradicating minorities from the posh playground. Both… are Elites. Neither is a friend to us.

      Each would rather live next door to each other, than next to you – or me.

      I’ve ripped NYC pretty good in many archived articles here – along with the Soylent Green Effect.

      Manhattan is the model of Future America – Feudal America – where rich “nobles” live in modern castles surrounded by paid yeomen and (relatively) unpaid peasantry fed on Bread & Circuses.

    • Coloreds wave a red (brown) flag in the face of cops, who are beholden to their Liberal Plantation Masters for lucrative Government Pay. No cop soldiers can afford to live on Manhattan; the significant detector of Modern Feudalism is whenever police cannot afford to live in the place they “risk their lives” for.

      You are correct in your race realism assessment: It will be like Ye Olde “Divine Right of Kings” in describing – and totally validating – the future inequality.

      All of what you describe is rendered easily explainable by a few in-the-know.
      PS you scored massive FP Points for using the word shtetl

  15. Lol if you think it’ll take 50 years.


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