Notes On An Abscence

by Firepower

What The Princes See

While away, I noticed many things.  Most of which, I will not detail here; perhaps I will keep them in the vast reserve of my memory for later publication.

Since that day, I have not read The Spearhead or Chateau Heartiste etc.  I do not know (nor care) what goes on at Half Siggy or Coppi Lil Piggi.

That said, I can predict with certainty:  They are writing about the Same Old Shit.  Manjaw=ugly.  SWPL=silly.

Piggi is busily repackaging what Tucker Carlson said about what Ann Coulter said about what Dinesh D’Souza said about what Rush said about what Krauthammer…

SOS.  Save our ship.  Save us…

I’m not just Pickin’ on Piggi.  Siggy and all the rest probably still do the same.  Meh.

Read The WSJ Article

I’m sure Spearhead Spewers take the time to groan³ about Welmer’s 137th latest blast on Child Support that I missed.  In their Revolution Fantasies, there is no room for the ugly reality that MEN have the lowest labor market participation since 1948.  Since EVER.  It’s never been as bad in modern recorded history.  But still, unrealistic Big Talk abounds how “all women should be deported and replaced by SexBots!!!” while both party’s conventions were tailored to feature and cater to women.   Duh.  That asskissing happens because women have the power – total power.

Firepower Predicts:  You’ll get no substantive action from males (note, I didn’t say “men”) without jobs – jobless men that whine about SexBots.  Incessantly.

Sandra Fluke in actuality wields more practical power than the entire MRM.  Not one MRA spoke – at either convention.  Not even a semi-quasi-teeny harmless lil’ mra.

Actual Democratic Value-Statement At Their Convention

But, if you’re well-off like a prince or a guy who tatoos a cock on his ass and drinks frog cum, you have no worry.  Nor if you’re a 40-ish Convicted Golddigger or Professional Companionette.

9 Comments to “Notes On An Abscence”

  1. Well, I stop in at Piggy’s and Welmer’s from time to time. You’re right – with no meaningful opposition, there is no evolution and no change. Maybe that’s the worst punishment to them and a great compliment to WNs – we have the most opposition.

    But…I will say that I smell a change in Pig. May take some time to metastasize. His current positions are overmoderate and if he he truly enjoys being white he will have to become a WN in time. One can see in his comments how certain things get left on.

  2. Outrage in the camps
    McMutants go their own way
    Burpling in their filth

  3. Casey Anthony gets the Get Outta Jail Free Card – with Baby Kayleeeee Hair and Corpsestink in her car
    – Oh, and that OJ –
    While Drew Peterson is convicted of Murder 1
    on HERESAY
    from his vengeful ex-wife
    simply for being an asshole

    And mras speak of victory?
    What Cockcrackpipe are they smokin’?

    • Hey firepowers, the wit is good for finding th einner circle, as hitler da socialist did via manifedto “mein kempf”,
      but i doubt that anyone understands you. i whore/wrote that i don’t get you, masses understand lolcats and speeches
      get it? now go to cnn and tell them what you think (i’m not kidding) just tell them with a straight face and see what happens. they’ll be bamboo-zzled.
      I occasionally talk to the proles, and they actually listen, cause one of the programs they receive is “shut up and listen”. not like they understand, but they hear…

  4. That young chap who started a White group at Townson University is the vanguard.

    We need to figure out a way to move out of the shadows into the sunlight.

    And then it’s on.

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