Hate Mail: f*ck off and die!

by Firepower

This just in. A latest intrigue comes a familiar, unsophisticated pen:

firepower you are a fag. Where do you get off saying the sh*t you do?? and f*ck off and die and it cant be to soon and I hope somebody helps it along. [ed note: Where I’m from, nobody has the balls; they’re scared of me. It has been tried.] heartiste acts like he loves you

[I don’t presume to think so, but thanks for the compliment, maybe you see something.]

maybe cos he pities your small dick. [Well, he is a generous guy] i’m getting sick of him too and his smatass bs comments [My site is not the fair, fitting or proper place to hate him, try his – you’ll get even more abuse ha]. Just go away and leave forums blogs and the internet to us who want to talk about ideas.

Talking about “ideas” is the last thing we need more of. Application of those ideas was postponed too long. There’s a trillion ideas in a billion warehouses full of ideas: Pick one. Then, get off your ass and do it.

If you disagree with an intelligently presented concept, the proper response is an intelligent, cogent alternative similarly presented with a method designed to convince – not alienate by ad hominem insult and curses. That perfectly displays the problem with Emotional Education in our Government Schools. Everybody is supposed to value your opinion because “you’re special.”

You’re not. You’re one of hundreds of millions on the interwebz. Most, idiots.

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7 Responses to “Hate Mail: f*ck off and die!”

  1. For some reason, you seem to attract trolls. Must be the aftershave – Axe bodywash.

    [ed note: I’m going for the Pied Piper “Hamlin Edition” scent]

  2. God you crack me up! So glad you have your own spot to share with us unwashed masses. People take themselves waaaaaay too seriously. (advice I can give myself these days). I’m following you Pied Piper.

  3. Good Stuff indeed!! – Ever the man of controversy – I must remember to drop you a hate mail on the subject.

    [ANOTHER hate mail??]

  4. We’re way past the time when debate and discussion could solve our differences, so I’m not sure why you expect a “proper response” from these cretins.

    When I wrote opinion pieces as a conservative schoolboy and university student in England, I used to pin the hate letters to my wall. Winding up the bolsheviks and getting an hysterical response was (is) practically a triumph. Fuck ’em.

    Nice blog, BTW. Ryu sent me.

    • Thanks much. I like your site, so it’s a true compliment. Check your spambox, I’ve made a few comments and they’ve yet to appear. I’ll bet a patent Sasieni on it.

  5. This is all too funny!! i bet you get much hate mail for your independence views and ways of expressing. It is very nice how you do it so here is a photos to cheer up your day
    good one

    [i thought i’d catch a virus if i clicked all over you. those are the same pic btw]


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