Future Uniforms Part I: Your Rulers’ Finery

by Firepower

You eat it, they’re payin’ for it

In Roman times, patricians dressed one way, plebeians another.  In feudal England Lords & Ladies dressed in finery and feasted, while peasants wearing rags dug in the dirt for bugs.  The peasants were Anglo-Saxons, a conquered people defeated by the Normans and despised as such. Romans may have forced sex on their slaves and killed them, but Normans and their chattel had Church Morality in common – so they only killed them.

Safe inside the stone castle, the playground of luxury kept the elites safe from…

…the dark dangers peasants lived daily. Yet all that playtime for the laziest was made possible by those who labored hardest.

The uniform separated the classes as much as the money that bought the symbols and fine trappings.  The elite indulged in luxury, play and idle hobbies like falconry, while those not in the elite found true misery a constant struggle – yet rarely fought back; it’s the same today.

Your betters’ Future 21st Century American Uniform looks like this – Note not only the “stars,” but those in the background:

2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner | Photo Gallery

Examine the photo gallery closely: It looks like…VersaillesBecause it is, Versailles.

UPDATE May 7, 2012: Tommie Bwokaw Sees MY Way, Removes Clinton’s dick from his mouth to finally get the message – before rolling over and going back to sleep CLICK

These venal, dangerous swine rule you as a contemptuous, conquering enemy.  You don’t matter: LiLo does. Even when she brings her tether and Syphilis to the party. When you tell the rulers they’re thieves, they yawn. When Jimmy Kimmel does – well, that really matters. Power and fame unites them. It’s glitterati funtime on the party daïs, but stonewalling when you set aside time from three jobs to Write Your Congressman!® To them, you are a piece of shit.

They tell you when to go to prison and when to get out. They tell you how much you pay them, and spend that money any god-damned way they please because they firmly believe it is their money. And, you go peaceably comply and go along – so why shouldn’t they take a dump on you. GSA parties; many Golf trips for The King; luxurious jaunts to Spain for The Bored Black Queen to visit other castle-bred royalty; on baubles, roast oxen, or a new falcon for Little Prince Cuthbert III.  And you better not do anything scary – of course you won’t.

Others, without hereditary power, admire those fine trappings and misconstrue the outward appearance as being the most important. Even upper-middle class Madonna had to screw a Kennedy.

Listen: Money without power eventually relegates itself to decadence.

Classy: Next year we’re gettin’
a 50-FOOT Fuckin’ Christmas Tree!

 While, money with power perpetuates itself .

That common uniform still distinguishes the nouveau riche as privileged, junior members and grants limited entrance to the Halls of Power; where else do you see the unnecessary sight of Charlize Theron with Joe Biden. For, even a Kennedean Prince had to screw a now-famous Madonna.

It is the common value they share of eager separation from those not owning seven Mercedes. Common people do present problems because some are lazy and violent. The issue lies in this differentiation being immaterial to the elite. If you’re a lazy, violent rap thug with a lazy, violent ghetto ‘ho wife – come on in and enjoy glasses of Cristal and a nine-pound lobster on the taxpayer.

If you’re a poor genius and saint – I pity you – just keep the lobster coming and those glasses filled.

Update II: Nearly four years hence, the BIGov bureaucrat in the tub’s only “punishment” was forced retirement on a $224,030 a year pension. Nothing really matters anymore…

Future Uniforms Part II: Your Your Rulers’ Contempt

Published on: Apr 30, 2012!


21 Responses to “Future Uniforms Part I: Your Rulers’ Finery”

  1. This depresses me. It’s very true and uncorrectable. As a Pollyanna idealist I try to ignore the truth but it is what it is. I can’t romantasize this. Course if I were Madonna I’d say i worked hard and earned it. But for every Madonna there’s a hundred thousand more talented who inspite of it will never see the inner sanctum. Whats the point of our existence again?

    • Elites say our existence is about control over individual comforts, other folks will say it’s about wresting control from elites.

      What do YOU think existence means?

  2. still would say hard work saving money can not be the peon though

    or you know if your a chick you can do it by having a vag he he he

  3. you can earn that priviledge for your kids someone had to earn it for the current people that made it or they made it themselves would say it is very far removed from the peasant king times just that a lot of people like being peasants like the peeps who work at mcdonalds for twenty years.

    • Yes, still it depends on what possessions your kids inherit – and how they were raised. The Hilton sisters exemplify the type of privilege – you wouldn’t want babysitting your eel collection.

  4. Poe had a great riposte to such trappings, trapping them all in a tower feasting, while outside the plague made its course through the peasantry. But, no matter how distant and removed the elite felt, and actually were, the plague found its way amongst them, and then fell on them, in the end. As it always does.

    Wrote a post about it once on one of my earlier blogs. Brilliant post it was too.

    Here’s the story anyway: http://www.online-literature.com/poe/36/

    [old EAP was, what – 1830’s? And here we are, still re-learning what should be ingrained. So much for evolutionary advances. Wonder where Poe stole HIS idea from…]

    • Ah, good question, never thought of that. I will look up who inspired Poe.

      On that topic, it was Poe who created the modern detective, Auguste C Dupin, on whom is modeled fiction detectives. I think Conan Doyle may have been inspired by Dupin, to create Holmes.

  5. The uniform I most despise is the conservative white uniform. They play at being racially aware and get in the way of real whites. As for the rich, they tend to value their money and reputation too much to be explicitly racist.

  6. Nice piece of writing Firepower – my sincere compliments

  7. Good article, FP. I see it is now 4 years old, and nothing has changed. This was written before I was here.

    It is depressing. Humanity does not appear to be a learning animal. I do think the US is mostly a closed case now.

    • It is sad that others play while we work. That they choose to remain blind, but it is not the sort of sadness stemming from our personal failure.

      It is the fault of those blind, playing, doomed fools.
      So, I suspect WN can only emerge after a collapse – or so near the end the collapse it is inevitable.
      Perhaps WN will thrive in lawless apocalyptic dreams, for it certainly does not now.

      That leaves Red ChiComs to move in as Monglo-like conquerors.

    • I have never liked fancy parties. Those degenerate pieces of crap can keep it.

      However, if like to see those scumbags burn in excrement forever. Did you know that around 100 years ago actors and actresses were not permitted to be buried in Christian cemetaries? How low “we” have sunken to admire there whores, whoremongers and drugpushers like “we” do. It is JUST like the old testament bible where the bad guys get rich and happy because they are gawd’s special snowflakes.

      • I was discussing this with friends last weekend.

        Not only were actors properly relegated as filth for eons, writers and philosophers were elevated for their contribution to society. Thanks to blogging, they’re not worth a squirt of piss. This all depends, not on our own whisheez, but on society’s values.

        I heard a NiggaRappa song of glorifying a young colored/pickaninny getting into a shootout with police where he takes hostages and flees to a mall. Nice entertainment…

        Imagine what “entertainment and shit” is in 2055…

      • WE are the only society that matters and our writers ARE appreciated. Forget those Kikes and Miggers. They are on their way out.

      • FP: Now Ted Cruz is shittin…on the values of the Enchanted Isle.

        Gotta love Murka, and it’s nonsense via bread & circuses!

      • Manhattan JewPROP will use its howitzer-berg of media to blast the gnat.

        NYC is fully aware it does not represent Real America, but also hates it so much it is the worst enemy of America. So, it must overreact the way a cheating spouse does when caught with strange underwear slathered with pussy juice.

        Most Moron Murkans are so deluded, they truly do not see Manhattan pumps out Recruiting Posters For Hillbillies while dining on $368 steaks and fucking $4000 a night Shiksa co-ed escorts.

        That MRKNZ are still so blind – after mountains of blogging – proves they are not yet worth salvation.

      • Yet, Manhattan invites a lot of GenBrandons/Britneys from Hillybilland, those fascinated with the enchanted isle — those who could afford it. I once had a neighbor who made his way from Birmingham and went back to his trailer park once his money evaporated when daddy said no more.

        [ed note: to clarify, manhattan recruits GENBrandon hicks into the military to fight and die for manhattan while they live luxuriously…not that this thread is about manhattan…]

    • An article listing pensions for generals at nearly $220,000.

      Gen. Betrayus gets the executive fuckpad and Jordie gets a plastic foot.

  8. Depressing. Nothing has changed. Even with all these young alt-right guys being awake.


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