Doug Casey: Murka isn’t a Police State…..Yet

by Ryu

Few writers can actually pull the trigger and admit the truth.

Essentially, only two groups know Murka is a police state here and now: cops and criminals. Cops because they administer the Police State, criminals because they have to work around it.

Below is a typical article from someone who doesn’t get it.

3 Comments to “Doug Casey: Murka isn’t a Police State…..Yet”

  1. Saw this article and it made me happy, but not happy enough:

    Two little piggies got shot full o’ holes. This needs to happen EVERY time they kick in the door of a sovereign US Citizen. Then, and only then, will this gestapo secret police bullshit finally stop.

    Right now they have NO incentive to stop because the State will take their side, every. single. time. No matter how egregious the crime is. Fuck, even the guys that disfigured that INFANT did no time, were charged with nothing, etc. Who took it in the ass on that? Taxpayers to the tune of 3.5 million.

    Make the lawsuit come out of the jurisdiction’s budget that fucked up and the piggy pocket. Never going to happen, but at the least more people can decide if someone kicks in my door at 3am they likely need to die.

    Had the piggy’s in my own case been about 30 min sooner on their little terror raid, I’d have made the front page of every paper in the US because I hear someone shooting my door apart and I’m assuming the worst. I know my house and my setup well and drywall doesn’t stop AP rounds anymore than a piece of paper does. I’d have unloaded straight through the wall and lots of bacon would have been cooked that day. As it so happens, it went down a different way.

    But every time they kick in the door for a fucking misdemeanor non-violent warrant that is a risk they take. I especially liked that both piggies in the story were commanding officers and one of them had his brains leaking out of his face through his cheek. Great visual.

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