If You Want to Learn How to “Bend the Rules”, Start Now

by Ryu

Selco put out a good article recently. He is that Bosnian guy who survived the war in the 90s.


Most whites today are getting their book of rules from the System it will be very painful for them when that book gets thrown out the window.

GAWI is everything. If you ever want to do it, start now. No one does it without climbing the ladder. Those who will do best without rules in the future, have already started developing their method.

“#5) Bending the rules

Most interesting is actually how people would (or not) bend the rules that they had prior to the collapse.

A majority of us live by some rules (mental and moral rules) that tells us what is right and what is wrong.

It is wrong to steal, it is wrong to harm people. It is right to take care of sick and elderly.

When SHTF you’ll be in a position to “bend“ these rules, simply because you’ll be faced with lot of tough decisions and choices.

For example is it right to steal from others if that means my kid’s not gonna be hungry or die from infection?

Is it OK to harm other people because of that?

How are you gonna mentally live with that?

I am not advocating anything here, and I cannot give you suggestions but be sure that you’ll have to bend the rules, and that you gonna be faced with tough decisions.

It is up to you how much you gonna bend it.

All of the factors mentioned above are examples, and usually, you meet all of them more or less, and in combinations.”

6 Comments to “If You Want to Learn How to “Bend the Rules”, Start Now”

  1. Here’s a heart warming human interest story for you Ryu. In between their thuggery, and maintaining the police state, these fine officers found it in their hearts to help poor Sambo secure a new bicycle after his was stolen (probably by someone in his own family). The blacks are just sure to love the pigs now! It’s hard to believe that anyone falls for this sappy PR crap, but the comments section would indicate just that!

  2. The police wont spawn out nowhere.

  3. Of course they’re not White. They’re spics. Duh.

    • The point being that wn is FAR TOO INCLUSIVE of what is “white” to the effect of being cucked. The impetus for this near-cuck inclusiveness being the sheer human weight behind any collectivist movement. Ergo, many wn will see “good white cops” doing a Christian-like charity in that picture JUST as said picture was intended to evoke.

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