A Movie About Muzz-Revenge on Murkan Drone Pilots

by Ryu

The title is “Drone”…I wonder why this movie didn’t get much publicity?

This is most def a B-movie, but no big studio would make such a film. The US military is now heavily involved in the creation of movies and vidya games. They don’t like showing their mercs getting fragged.

Killing with a drone is like playing a vidya game. Press a button, and a missle is launched. A “double-tap” is when they shoot 2 missiles in a row, often to kill first responders.

In the movie, Murkan names are released on a Wikileaks thing. A racist, xenophobic white male bullies a Muzz in the States.

Of course, this is no ordinary Muzz. He has both money and time. Enough money to buy information, and enough time to think out a good revenge.

The Muzz gets into a military contractor’s house with a bomb. He tells the story of how Murka killed his family.

To be noted, something like this happened in real life.

ISIS leaked the names and addresses of many Murkan soldiers. The MSM covered this up real quick. Guess they don’t like to be on the recieving end of things. It is a different thing to be shot at, than to be the one shooting.

5 Comments to “A Movie About Muzz-Revenge on Murkan Drone Pilots”

  1. The mUzz is a self-annihilator. You don’t kill him, jew prophet from him.

    • We are living in interesting times, where those with very little regard for themselves and life in general are to self-annihilate. Technology has made this easier for them.

      The Muzz “Jihad” concept has been taken out of context as a form of radical autonomy, with a quick path to self annihilation. Murka’s path is a slow suicide that involves pleasure and then death.

      • Yes… The mUzz can self-annihilate NOW to enjoy eternal pleasure afterwards.

        The Western self-annihilator pleasures himself NOW only to attain total annihilation later.

        In concert, these mutual self-annihilators “form” a “symbiotic regression.”

      • The concept of a self-annihilating Murka has taken hold for several decades since the 1960s when radical autonomy had its beginnings. nigels wanted equal playing field with wites in this game and called it civil rights, and look what nigels got…the same path to self annihilation.

      • The “symbiotic regression” is readily a-parent to anyone daring to conceive? Jihad begets hedonism begets jihad begets hedonism beget jihad down into the infinite regress of redundant fallacy.

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