If You Must Take Your Chances, Load the Dice

by Ryu

…in other words, learn how to cheat. The USG and the jews surely know it well.

Cops and soldiers are great cheaters. They don’t phrase it that way, but that’s how they set things up.

They don’t engage unless they have every edge they can get – superior numbers, better intel, surprise, and so on. No cop or soldier fights a fair fight unless he has to.

Serious WNs must do similarly. Rig the odds in your favor. Let the other guy think you are an easy mark. Make your own job easier.

34 Comments to “If You Must Take Your Chances, Load the Dice”

  1. If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough!

    • Exactly. To get away with cheating, while appearing to play by the rules, is the real art of it.

      • It is only “cheating” where there is genuine authority clearly defined. The “nature” of a perpetuating self-annihilation (our “system”) is that no genuine authority exists WHERE the axiomatic mechanism (the driving ethos) is a “right to self-annihilate.” In the cosmic scheme of things, Natural Law precludes existence while Corporate Law adjudicates for nonexistence. The former superimposes the individual on all contracts while the latter elevates The Contract above all individuals. In this frame, “cheating” has no gainsay. One either assumes a right to existence per Natural Law (and adduces the consequences thereof) or he contracts to self-annihilation. “Cheating” is memetic misdirection.

    • Again…

      You are to get away with white (S)upremacy. “Cheating” is irrelevant memetic misdirection. One does not need to cheat to strive towards (P)erfection. One does not even need “game.” He only need be self-willed.

      It is a material fact that a willed white man cannot be physically, mentally or spiritually impeded from striving towards (S)upremacy short of being annihilated.

      And this is the very essence of anti-white (S)upremacy…

      To annihilate the white (S)upremacist under the chaotic cover of a mass “white” self-annihilation.

      One can play Cheating Death with UncleBeast…

      Or one can play Cheating Death with God…

      A healthy-minded white man strives towards (S)upremacy. Period.

      • Flowery, useless, say-really-nothing, frippery. Do or do not. My adage about cheating was meant as humor … to a degree. If whatever needs to be done, gets done, it’s not really cheating. In the end, might makes right. Screw everything else. Been there, done that, … got the t-shirt, the hat, and the sweat shirt.

      • You’ll come to like TD, Schmartaz. He is very persistant, and one of the most loyal WNs there is. His ideas take time to assimilate.

      • “In the end, might makes right.” — Schmartaz

        “Spoken” like a true self-annihilator… Or maybe your language is just that sloppy?

      • Schmartaz…

        Do you agree or disagree that *you* are to get away with white (S)upermacy (GawwS) and this shall not require “cheating” per se?

      • Cheating is synonymous with Murka’s meme of inequality and privilege — both terms with their undercurrent of achieving radical autonomy leading down the path of degeneracy and ultimately, self-annihilation.

        The path to White Supremacy is outside of this trajectory, and very few are in it.

      • Damn JS, you sound like TD. Are you guys the same?

        I admit, cheating is not an optimal path. Ideally, we could be good and charitable and gain victory. I don’t see that happening.

      • TD is telling you that the path to White Supremacy isn’t about the world at large.

        The Murkan masses are fighting over their privilege to radical autonomy in the name of equality. Whenever nigels complain about racism, it’s their desire for more radical autonomy. Whenever wites complain about coloreds and miggers taking their share of privilege, it’s their desire for more degeneracy and the greater path to self annihilation.

        The genuine White Supremacist does his own thing — he treads the path to perfection.

        I understand TD, because I have a core philosophy that man is out there to achieve greatness with righteousness.

        From a Christian ethos – Many wites have lost their way to money, greed and insatiable lust — core elements that define what is radical autonomy — into the path of self annihilation.

  2. This is why all the Russian drugs are better.

    • Russians are not white (S)upremacists and so there is no reason to trust their intentions for white Westerners who accept the necessary reality of a Master Race. And if the mass of Russians are too wedded to Communism to realize a Master Race then Russians will self-annihilate in due course just as any race of men denying a Master Race will meet the same fate.

      • Boy, you put up with alot of crap, TD.

        I understand why you like Jesus so much. Like Jesus, the people you are trying to save crucify you.

        I remember you once writing how a real White Supremacist still loves his race, even though they are not yet worthy of it. A noble idea, and one I greatly understand.

      • Every white boy needs to assume that he is to be a “one-man show.” He has to be trained for public humiliation. He has to contemplate about killing evil. He wants to love his lady and children. He desires creation and is fascinated by Creation. He must be racist. He must put his mind on (S)upremacy. His right to existence from conception is an axiomatic protocol, memetically immutable. His “wings” are wins with Gs suitable to materialist economy and cryptocurrent autonomy.

        White boy is a universal movement.

      • Clearly the comment and reference went over your head. The Russians have been beating the White Supremecists in the Nootropics field for decades. They are unscheduled. Ive had the police hand me back a container of one before because its not illegal to posess.

      • Nootropics isn’t juIce isn’t SARMS…

        What are the Ruskies beating the wS at? Taking gear?

      • Interesting, TD. You keep up on the supplementation racket then?

        SARMs are just another “fake steroid” like pro hormones. Many young bodybuilders want to be natural but experience unnatural gains.

        Nootropics are a sort of “brain / attention” enhancer. They use a variety of herbs, like Kratom at Roosh’s.

      • Actually, they’re self annihilating through Islam. Have you seen the mosque in Moscow? It’s about as big as the Taj Mahal. And all those goddamn miggers on their prayer rugs take up the whole street in front for like ten miles out.

  3. Td sounds like a live-in mom’s-basement, weak sister, faux, intellectual, troll that uses a fair number of words without actually saying anything. Though I like a lot of Eradica’s content, I will, in the future, refrain from commenting. It’s completely pointless to do so. BTW, WN is weak sauce. Might as well be a fag jew.

    • What a loss.

    • What’s the protocol, Schmartaz?

      Have jew even contemplated saving a single white boy’s life?

      Will jew even right the bad names of white boy’s most virulent enemies?

      Sand jigger nigger faggot kike dyke migger.

      Please, Schmartaz, inform Eradica how you intend to save the white children?

      • Boy, you put up with alot of crap, TD.

        I understand why you like Jesus so much. Like Jesus, the people you are trying to save crucify you.

        I remember you once writing how a real White Supremacist still loves his race, even though they are not yet worthy of it. A noble idea, and one I greatly understand.

    • The more advanced the material, the smaller the audience for it. TD is often misunderstood.

      • Yes…

        But the Jewniggers make sure that the “white” masses are keenly aware of “white (s)upremacy.”

        And alt-rite has provided a “hack” to real eyes the “system.”

        In order to change The Narrative, you ASSUME a liberationist frame, completely deviate and reframe.

        Ergo, you assume white (S)upremacy, absolutely (versus relatively AS THOUGH “seeing” it through “Jewnigger, I”).

      • What is “pathological altruism” other than the refusal to call one’s enemies by their bad names and the acceptance of the enemies’ bad name as a bad name?

        The enemy is anti-white (S)upremacy.

        Thus, “we” are white (S)upremacists.

        The most virulent expressions of anti-wS are the suboptimal AIs commonly known as Jew, nigger, faggot, jihadist (migger and dyke are viral archetype updates).

        There are very few doctors of white (S)upremacy willing to get to the Logos of this disease called “pathological altruism.”

        It is a worded infection. A memetic affliction.

        The cure is a psychological reframe.

      • “The cure is a psychological reframe”

        I think I am actually finally starting to understand you TD.

      • And that’s to the white race’s benefit.

      • Makes ’em easier to justify resisting, as foreign invaders.

  4. @TD hahaha. Well I too try too (in my clumsy way) to change the frame of my White brothers and sisters.

    PA is victim shaming rather than recognizing and calling out the perfidious jews.

    As evolutionary competitors jews have used trickery to convince many of us to destroy ourselves. Animals use trickery too so it shouldn’t be surprising.



    Hopefully this business ends soon with the removal of jews from our world.

    Like Trump or not, his election was encouraging in a sense because if people could accept and vote for someone as outspoken on unpopular issues as him, we’re headed in a good direction.

    Disclaimer. I’m aware we probably aren’t going to vote ourselves out of this mess but believe Trump’s elect was a bellwether of White sentiment and bodes well.

    • Once one recognizes the Jew qua Jew as anti-white (S)upremacy, one can get on to the business of white (S)upremacy.

      There is only so much utility in using all one’s currency to root out crypto-jews.

      Bring forth genuine white (S)upremacy and the cryptos will reveal themselves.

      Two birds, one stone.

    • No real Jew can deny being an anti-white (S)upremacist.

      If he does…

      If said Jew denies being an anti-white (S)upremacist, “we” will now know this particular Jew to have converted to a proper understanding of the phenomenon.

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