West Death

by Firepower

(FP wrote this over a year ago. I still salute it as true, despite Trump’s election. Other than that, little has changed.)

Asceticism drowns in the most capitalist nation in history. That’s why it is long dead, because only hippies practiced it.

White Supremacists became wyte supremacist fantasists, then long ago, also died. You cannot build a concrete “movement” on VRW fantasies of fairy-viking dust portraiture. You get what you got: Nothing.

Only wn remains, but on its last gasp. There is no more White America. What remains is warped memory, a perversion of the past: wite Hick Jordies waving flags, straining at the leash to…..….. enlist and invade Iran for the regime in power – while Miggers flood the border a mile away.

It’s not all money. There are three motivators, money, power – and sex. Murka allows the lowliest Migger to march with a mexican flag at a rally, influence millions of hermanos – then preside over the Migger version of BLM and influence a white Presidential election as Chairman of some colored Nationalist group.

All coloreds want to come to Murka for we have multi-culti pussy and blond-blue-eyed pussy already lubed for the next nigerian basketball recruit.

No one wants to hear this, then realize it. wites prefer griping on lotb about seeing folks richer than they are – on Manhattan, or elbowing in the next Pithy Comment on roissy, where the host enthralls us all with Tales of Wicked DC BIGov! while all the while having worked for one of the most useless BIGov Agencies for over a decade.

Anglospoore is a misnomer. Italians aren’t anglos, nor are french, swedes or Irish.
The frustrating, angry confusion surrounding you that you see, hear and feel is the entire White Western World’s collapse.

8 Comments to “West Death”

  1. One doesn’t retire from white (S)upremacy, period.

    Lamenting over “its” collective collapse IN NO WAY grants a single white man absolution from the individual mandate.

  2. What do you define as the Anglosphere Ryu?

    The best symbol I can find for it is the below:

    Id like to know what you think the geographic locations it corresponds to are.

  3. Ryu,

    This is coming as constructive criticism from a fellow brother. Since FP has retired this blog has gotten stale. Yes it is interesting reading about criminal or military exploits, but FPs concise cultural criticism, like this particular piece, is what drew me and many others onto this blog. Have a healthy and wealthy New Year.

    • I too admire FP. But his gifts were in different areas than mine. I cannot write like him. Everyone has his own WN style.

      What people should learn from FP is that Murka is dead and buried. It ain’t coming back. Empires don’t reverse course this late in the game.

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