“Hell by the Dashboard Light” Goolaged….

by Ryu

The Purges are not over yet, comrades.

Hell is going through what many other racist bloggers are going through. Jan at African Crisis went through the same thing and had to leave jewtube.

Murka is a total police state right now. If (they) had their way, there would be no free speech at all. For the most part, they own all the keys, they control all the doors. They have the loyalty of virtually all cops and soldiers.

Working inside a police state is hard, but it will make us strong. Minos and liberals are weakening due to lack of resistance. Skills, like muscles, must be exercised. The tightrope walker without a safety net is superior to the walker who needs one.

Remember our teaching; it also applies to blogging. Planning and exit is 99% of the work for those who work without state permission. Always have a plan. The heavier the work, the greater the need to work alone.

3 Responses to ““Hell by the Dashboard Light” Goolaged….”

  1. You beat me to it Ryu. I was just about to post on this most unfortunate event. He actually had quite a few good videos. He was pretty mild as far as WN’s go in general, and I don’t think that he could have “toned it down” much more. I went to his link the other day to verify this, and the account looks to still be in place, but it shows 0 videos, so they wiped his archives. Hopefully he has his archive backed up and can emerge once again somewhere else.

    As you might already know, IMDB wiped its message boards earlier this year, and so has MSN with its comments section. Nobody would really come right out and give the exact reason, but we know that the sole purpose was to censor all opposing views from these leftwing sites.

    • yeah, if they ban him, what’s next? His WN was very moderate. I’d almost say he was more MGTOW than WN.

      More is coming, Guest. They say Net Neutrality is just another liberal purge coming.


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