Movie Scenes That Could Not Be Made Today: Firestarter

by Ryu

There has been some sort of “agreement” by Hollywood and the police / military since the mid 1990s.

Here’s how it goes: no (or very few) dead cops, agents or soldiers are to appear on film. This helps reinforce to the public that the USG and its minions are invincible. It also allows cops and soldiers themselves to believe they are untouchable.

There is a whole different world out there though…

Most WNs only know fear of the USG. They cannot conceive of the opposite, the USG fearing them.

Most WNs haven’t seen pictures of dead cops and soldiers, brains leaking out of their heads, blood pooling underneath the body. When you see that, you will know that they are as human as the rest of us. Most of their power comes from reputation. Those pictures exist, but are censored and very hard to find.

In the scene below, you’ll see government agents being killed by fire, screaming for mercy. “Helppppppppp! Don’t do it!” It could not be made today, by anyone, for any price.

14 Comments to “Movie Scenes That Could Not Be Made Today: Firestarter”

  1. So true. Soldiers and cops (supposed to just be the Sheriff) are Servents of the Republic and controlled by the civilians. Your normal American doesn’t understand this though and thinks soldiers and cops are above them.

    This is another reason why liberalism and feminism are so dangerous as well. The feminists love having the option of calling the cops if their own men get too Alpha. The liberals love being able to call the cops if a conservative doesn’t cuck or kow tow to them.

  2. Err, what about ‘Training Day’ where Denzel Washington (DEA Agent) gets wasted at the end of the film.

    Or Saving Private Ryan, where loads of American troops are mullered on the beach head.

    Or Black Hawk Down (made with assistance from the Pentagon) which featured lots of dead GIs?

    Your basic premise doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

    • We aren’t talking about war.

      We want to see civilians killing cops and soldiers. Not one cop killing another cop, or German trooper killing Murkan ones.

      Armed federal agents try to arrest some civilians. The civilians come out on top and kill the feds. It doesn’t happen today.

  3. Hell I ain’t seen civilians besting cops and soldiers since Rambo. I was five years old when the movie came out in theaters but saw it on TV when I was seven.

  4. I don’t think this one could have been made today either.

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