New DAA Caught by the Surveillence State

by Ryu

It was his car that got him caught.

The article doesn’t mention it, but I’ll reveal how he was caught.

Someone saw his vehicle driving away. They saw the make, model, color and perhaps the license plate.

Plate leads to owner, leads to an address, and the suspect. A simple search in the local area of Baton Rouge using all similar makes and models could lead to the same results. The police got a SW for his house and arrested him on the drug charge just to hold him.

There’s a reason – why we include “car” on the 5Cs.

Credit cards, computers, cell phones, CCTV and cars. Most modern investigations (2005+) heavily involve these. Most of the time, it is the Police State, not “forensics” doing the tracking.

Your car leads to you. Your license plate is there to make IDing you easier.

30 years ago, he probably would have gotten away with it. Not now. It is alot harder than it used to be.

We’ll always salute the courage it takes. At least he worked alone and completed the mission. He was caught afterward during the investigative phase.

6 Comments to “New DAA Caught by the Surveillence State”

  1. What are your thoughts on the shooting?

    • It all depends on how Ryu defines GAWI…

      Empirically-speaking and accepting all public info at face value, the event was an inversion of the Islamic conversion placing self-annihilation before mass murder. Paddock committed mass murder and then self-annihilated. Such a scenario can fall under the concept of GAWI, but only the truly degenerate minded can argue for an eternal reward.

      For a “god” that rewards you for self-annihilating is like a drug dealer who spots you another eightball after you’ve OD’d.

      So why not overdose now UNLESS you aren’t really listening to your drug dealer?

    • Ah, you’re still alive! I don’t know yet. I haven’t looked into it yet, due to the MSM going wall to wall. They always over-react to things. Prob write on it in about 3 weeks, when it has been forgotten.

  2. It’s fascinating to read the article and realize a liberated person’s conflicting delusions. On the one hand is a national movement proclaiming the systematic murder of innocent “black” males by “racist” cops while on the other hand a “black” granny didn’t know that white males still kill “black” males for being “black” or in some cases as revenge for kllling whites. And even though the reality of wanton murder falls predominantly at the feet of “black” males, “we” are suppose to be shocked at what appears to be a generalized vengeance against a category of persons statistically more dangerous than all others.

  3. That’s why the cops pull you over when your license plate light burns out. No one ever sees the data that’s recorded about everyone around the clock unless a crime is committed.

    • …Then they are surprised when the cops show up on their door, like magic!

      It’s not magic, it is the surveillence state. It is true in many areas now. Not great science or forensics, its just that you’re being tracked 24-7.

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