“They Are Just Doing Their Job.” Just Do YOUR Job

by Ryu

…there is going to be a terrific pleasure in executing those groups – cops, soldiers, lawyers – who are “just doing their job” and holding the white race down.

Then, the executioner can say “I’m just doing MY job!” That will be a good last thought to carry them to hell.

For anyone reading this, your job is simple: win.

No one cares about morality. It is now cliche that “winners write the history books.” The biggest objection to Hitler is that he lost. I don’t think anyone cares about the 6 million at all.

Many WNs even will forgive system-cops because “they need to earn a living too.” They are working men! We should forgive them because their dollar is more important than the future of the white race. Seems anything can be forgiven, so long as one is getting paid for it.

We don’t believe logic moves anyone. Of course, the Nazi police needed money too, and they were just doing their jobs. The Americans didn’t accept that at Nuremberg, which goes to show how weak logic is.

There are two competing view of human beings.

Either, they are thinking, feeling men who are responsible for their actions, or they are machines following orders. For the vast majority of humanity, they accept the machine view. They forgive everyone (except the Nazis).

And we will accept it too.

We will pay our men to enforce our laws. That way, it is their job. Then, they can’t be held responsible for their actions. Just following orders.

2 Comments to ““They Are Just Doing Their Job.” Just Do YOUR Job”

  1. When you live in a world where a child molester like Michael Jackson’s music is piped into the grocery store where you buy your family’s food, you stop worrying about morals.

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