1% Action, 99% Planning and Escape

by Ryu

That’s what “getting away with it” is all about.

What cops and soldiers have to concern themselves with is the action only. They don’t plan and fund their own ops. Thus, they have very little to offer those who work without permission.

The inaction of Survivalists/Patriots (and their imitators) is due to WHO THEY LEARN FROM. Cops and soldiers serve the system; they don’t fight it. You wanna learn how to cash BigFed checks? Ask them. Wanna learn how to crush our enemies? You’ll have to ask someone else.

The criminal is superior to the cop and the terrorist is superior to the soldier. They do the same activities (under different names), but the criminal has no safety net of authority beneath him. He either succeeds, or goes to prison.

In Mexico City, someone did a real piece of work. He was GOOD. “No evidence, no witnesses, suspect unknown” – the way it should be.

7 Comments to “1% Action, 99% Planning and Escape”

  1. Quick training exercise; What did Neil Macauly do wrong in the execution of Waingro?

    The feds were already monitoring the hotel to spring a trap once he made the hit, so in the interest of saving time for himself, what could he have done differently to get away with it?

    • It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Heat, Colb.

      Wasted about 10 seconds talking and beating on him. If I remember right, deNiro wanted to kill him on the way to the airport, so he was a bit of a rush.

      The thing is, once deNiro was out of the country and “safe”, Waingro would have been redundant. Why rush a job like that? High risk. He could have waited and done it properly.

  2. Exactly, he wasted valuable time talking with the, “Look at me, look at me!” theatrics. I’m pretty sure that 10 seconds was the difference between the outcome the movie portrayed and him getting away with it. As soon as he stepped outside the hotel, Al Pacino was already chasing him down. And you’re right, Ryu, he really should have left the country and done the job another time when the heat has died down. Just thought that scene was a good lesson in what not to do.

    • Movies are deceptive in that way.

      In the real world, alot more planning is needed. You cannot just run and gun. IRL, it would be 1 minute of action and 99 minutes of boredom. One has to emphasize the boredom.

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