“The Life and Work of Timothy McVeigh, and How You Can Too!”

by Ryu

Of course, what exactly is it Tim did? Thanks go to the man who inspired this post.

We must begin in the usual fashion.

There is nothing wrong with violence. Cops and soldiers use it each and every day. All laws in existence have a loophole built in: it’s legal when those with power and authority do it. That’s how God got away with his flood but tells his followers “thou shall not kill.”

The powerful always keep the good shit for themselves. The greatest power is the power over life and death.

It takes a particular sort of man to obtain this skill without state permission. Few will achieve it.

There is no book which will reveal all the secrets of getting away with it. Either a man takes the knowledge for himself, or he doesn’t learn it at all.

Like a giant puzzle, the pieces are scatters among hundreds of books, written by many authors. Only the elect, the truly determined, can hope to discover the truth. “Climbing the ladder” takes years.

Tim McVeigh was like most DAAs – brave, but undisciplined. He got caught his first time out. In many ways, most DAAs are failures, because the public knows their names. The really good ones, we only know their nicknames: the Zodiac, the Long Island Killer.

Tim McVeigh put fear into the system. Men like Kaczynski, McVeigh and Rudolph prevented future Wacos and Rudy Ridges. Even in the 1990s, Murka could not afford to secure all public places. Today, they surely can’t afford to harden the security everywhere.

4 Comments to ““The Life and Work of Timothy McVeigh, and How You Can Too!””

  1. I often think of the things I read here and realize that today DA today is a hole nee ball game. The DAs of old only had to deal with eye witness reports, shoddy forensics, and bad timing. Today one has to worry about cameras, cellphones, and internet survallience. Unless the DA has $1000 untraceable cash or more to blow a month on cyber security, they are playing a dangerous game.

    • Indeed, Akuma. America today is a total police state. No wonder so few can act. It is many times harder than it used to be.

      CCTV by 1985, credit cards by 95, computers everywhere by 2000, and so on. Each year it gets harder. But we can say, the very best criminal who have ever existed work now.

      But, we must take care. People get away with every manner of crime today, if one knows where to look. One has to find the cracks in the surveillance state.

  2. McVeigh was a patsy from the get go. Saying he was a DAA is going along with the government narrative. His heart may have been in the right place, but that dude was a tool and the feds used him and disposed of him accordingly.

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