Resolve…Here and Now…to Get Your Justice On Your Own

by Ryu

Taking the law into your hands…because that is where it belongs.

Don’t go to the police.

Don’t go to any other “authority figure.”

Don’t give your manhood to someone else just because every other Murkan does.

IT IS a harder path. I too used to be weak, pro-system, and a janissary. But the gods gave me a hunger for power. No jew, mino or system-pig would pay me the wage I demanded.

You MUST learn how to get away with it if you want to work without Big Daddy’s permission. Cops and soldiers are inferior because they do not have to deal with this aspect of things.

2 Comments to “Resolve…Here and Now…to Get Your Justice On Your Own”

  1. btw

    They froze his YouTube channel and removed several videos.

    This, ladies, is how net “neutrality” looks like!
    Neutral will be only what’s political correct.

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