Krav Maga: How the Jews Conned the Martial Arts Community

by Ryu

Krav Maga! Thw world’s “DEADLIEST” martial art…oh joy!

That is what the headlines announce. This is a lie for many reasons.

To begin, the holy-cost was a great shame to the jews. Most went to their deaths with hardly a whimper of protest, as docile as cattle. Modern jews try to reassert their masculinity by showing how tough the IDF, Mossad, and Krav Maga are.

No martial art is deadly, because they all leave the opponent alive. “Deadly” means dead.

Assault ranks quite low on the spectrum of possible crimes. Of course, most today cannot even get away with assault, let alone something more serious. But fighting is a limited form of violence, which is why WNs must beware of it.

The American police have a concept: the use of force spectrum.

It proceeds from verbal orders, physical contact, compliance holds all the way up to using tasers, batons and “deadly force” ie killing.

Krav Maga, and most martial arts, occupies the middle part of the spectrum. The lower and higher levels are lacking. The supreme masterpiece of violence is not there yet.

6 Comments to “Krav Maga: How the Jews Conned the Martial Arts Community”

  1. “No martial art is deadly, because they all leave the opponent alive. “Deadly” means dead.”

    The problem is it’s the modern world, and killing is a serious felony. If it was the dark ages you could kill the guy and probably GAWI a lot easier. All the fights I’ve “lost” it was because I’m not allowed to use lethal force. I’ve stopped short of snapping necks before. Krav Maga is about defense. In a fight you have to go for weak points. Back of knees, the kneck, eye balls, getting behind the guy, and/or your standard choke hold.

    • Killing IS a serious felony, Akuma.

      But I tell you, there are men who can do it and GAWI today as easily as taking a breath. It is a level far above what most WNs think is possible.

      You can’t learn it from a cop or soldier. WN has followed the poor advice given to the survivalist community also.

  2. Damn. There was a good article at that I wanted to share with you Ryu, but now it’s gone, and the domain is up for sale. Anyhow, if you type: “krav maga is bullshit” into your search engine, you still get some good results.

    I was involved in martial arts for a few years when I was a younger man; it was Japanese Jiu Jitsu to be specific. I always questioned if these techniques would actually work in a real life street encounter, since there is no way of real world testing these techniques in the dojo. I think that martial arts gives many a false sense of confidence. It’s nothing like a Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal movie in real life.

    Yet we’ve all seen dudes, that through a combination of speed, strength, endurance, reflexes, and of course experience, were natural bad asses, having never taken a martial art in their lives.

    There was a martial arts expert on coast to coast am recently. He only taught techniques that were time tested and proven to work. The overall conclusion that I gathered was that it was mostly stuff that he gleaned from the pages of old military self defense manuals.

  3. The past month has been the most boring of my life, but I’m feeling a bit more energized today.


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