“Getting Away With It” Allows One to Build Experience…

by Ryu

…and learn.

Doing one mission only, and getting caught, almost pointless. With no experience, one will not know how to handle the pressure and what comes after, living with yourself.

Every successful criminal and turrist “climbs the ladder.”

There is a need to build a base of experience, from easy, low-risk crimes to difficult, rare, high-risk crimes.

We emphasize GAWI because then one can pass on the knowledge. It does no good for our best agents, and their knowledge, to be locked away in a prison.

One of the reasons why there is so little advancement in DA is because WNs cannot GAWI. They actually take cop and soldier-advice seriously.

An aspect of action, which has not yet been mentioned is “the point of maximum vulnerability.” Every mission has one.

Before that point, one can abort without consequence. Afterward, one MUST go through with it. There should be no hesitation. Thinking should be done at home, not in the field.

So the “ideal” happens at home on a sheet of paper, full of calculation. Improvisation and instinct occurs in the field, in the real world, where things go wrong.

Work to identify this point, and be most on guard at that time.

4 Comments to ““Getting Away With It” Allows One to Build Experience…”

  1. DAs mainly get caught and thrown into double binds because if they act, those around them will turn them in. The level of skill required to GAWI will drive one insane.

    I remember one cold winter night when I attempted to reclaim some property. I checked my balance at the bank across the street for use as an Alibi for why I was in that area.

    As I was moving in for the Action I spotted a crime scene unit pull up in front of the bank. Out jumped a cop looking around for a suspect. The camera on the ATM must have been linked up to alert for night time usage.

    • I am here to tell WNs, that it is NOT impossible. But, it is very hard.

      Strange that a CSI van would pull up in front of a bank on a cold winter bank for no reason. Maybe “someone” was tracking the usage of your card. I have seen alerts placed on a person and their bank account. Today, the police can track credit card and debit card use in real time.

      If that happened, it was no coincidence. You were being tracked. Probably had to abort, because the cops were onto you. CCTV on the ATM, card had an alert on it, and the police tipped off. Something was wrong.

      Things are different than they used to be. In any action, one MUST maximize TTD or time to discovery. Time eliminate evidence and worsens memory.

      Especially in theft. If they don’t know it is missing, they can’t investigate it. Almost like nothing has ever happened.

      We heartily endorse the TTD concept as almost “magical” in its power to allow one to GAWI.

  2. Wonder if that driver will get away with it. Seems like he was aiming for political visibility instead of discretion. Point of maximum vulnerability was the high-speed reversal.

  3. Looked like he practised on GTA after watching F&F lol

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