American Flyers, Prepare for Facial Recognition Software

by Ryu

Apparently, the next big push in airline security is going to be facial recognition, in lieu of using your driver’s license or passport.

The Murkan Surveillance State is only gonna get bigger.

China leads the world in the use of this manner of technology. What they have today, the big Murkan cities will have in 5 years.

2 Comments to “American Flyers, Prepare for Facial Recognition Software”

  1. Those fake scars at Party City are gonna come in handy.

    • Akuma, why would I be in Charlottesville, VA on Aug 12? Is something happening on that day, a conference?

      I always liked the fact that Akuma was disguised at every location, sometimes as a beggar, or wearing a hat or just walking by. He had a good disguise technique.

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