“The World of Talk” and “The World of Action”

by Ryu

WN has two parts.

One is not higher than the other, though there is far more material on the talk than the action. Desire without enforcement is a recipe for being ignored and remaining powerless, which is why The System gets away with continually ignoring WNs.

That is why “the world of action” is the unknown world, almost completely unexplored by WNs.

We have had many DAAs of course, but their post-mission reports are lost, since virtually all have been captured or killed. This eliminates an opportunity for the collective to learn and improve from their experiences.

There has been dramatic growth in our propaganda apparatus, but little growth in the action wing.

6 Responses to ““The World of Talk” and “The World of Action””

  1. “That is why “the world of action” is the unknown world, almost completely unexplored by WNs.”

    As someone who performed a citizens arrest the other day, its not unexplored. However, it does require an understanding of the ways of the law men of old (i.e. Wyatt Earp).

    Citizens Arrest Laws are a great tool to use against minos and their Allies. They let the WNs hide in plan site. The only problem is you need an exit plan, a way to show the police you were justified, and sometimes your bros to back you up. Which the last part is why we need group cohesion now more than ever.

    Now that Trump has given us the ammo to advance our causes I suggest we use it. In one instance I had a group of Arab store owners scattering whenever I approached. The reason being I demanded to see their visa papers as they were from countries of particular intrest.

    • Also, I expect to see you in Charlottesville, VA on the 12th of August 2017 in the year of our Lord.

    • Damn, you love getting into the shit, don’t you? Just like a real cop; runnin’ and gunnin’.

      Did you have good command presence? Get on the ground motherfucker RIGHT NOW! Don’t move fucker! Did you control your suspect?

      I prefer avoiding the police whenever possible. But your method sounds interesting. The police must be shocked that someone is making citizen arrests.

      • Oh yes they didnt seem to know it existed. The man who tipped me off to citizens arrests was deputized at one point. The police were not doing their jobs and him and his bros were getting kids out of cults. The police arrested them, but the judge liked their style so he gave them badges for their line of work.

  2. I love the citizens arrest idea. We pay taxes for those police. Why not use them?


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