Ultimately, There’s Only One Sure-Fire Way to Tell a WN

by Ryu

…and William Pierce knew it 40 years ago.

From the Turner Diaries:
“In Detroit the practice was first established (and it was later adopted elsewhere) of providing any able-bodied White male who sought admittance to the Organization’s enclave with a hot meal and a bayonet or other edged weapon. His forehead was then marked withan indelible dye, and he was turned out and could be readmitted permanently only by bringing back the head of a freshly killed Black or other non-White.

This practice assured that precious food would not be wasted on those who would not or could not add to the Organization’s fighting strength, but it took a terrible toll of the weaker and more decadent White elements.”

BIBO. Blood In, Blood Out.

The gangs that use verifiable BIBO are hard to infiltrate. One notes that Al Queda, the Taliban, ISIS and the Mex Cartels seem to have little trouble evading BigFed for this very reason.

The rumor is, that ISIS brings the recruit an enemy combatant to kill, in front of other members. If he can do it, he’s in. If not, the recruit is killed. ISIS is one of the world’s premier counterrevolutionary organizations today, and has established its own ethnostate despite Murkan interference.

The important question to ask (assuming it is possible to get away with it), is how many WNs would pass the test today?

WN as is commonly practiced still has alot of decadence and lying in it. Many believe, that voting or blogging will win it. There has only ever been one solution, which all white men already know.

We recommend the Turner Diaries as the great masterpiece of WN. It is book of total revolution. We salute this book as the very best any WN has ever produced.

WNs ***MUST*** make themselves feared.

“We had hoped that when we set the example of resisting the System’s tyranny, others would resist too. We had hoped that by making dramatic strikes against top System personalities and important System facilities, we would inspire Americans everywhere to initiate similar actions of their own. But, for the most part, the bastards just sat on their asses.

I don’t know why we held back from this approach for so long. We have had the example of decades of guerrilla warfare in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to instruct us.

In every case the guerrillas won by making the people fear them, not love them. By publicly torturing to death village leaders who opposed them and by carrying out brutal massacres of entire village populations which refused to feed them, they inspired such terror in neighboring villages that everyone was afraid to refuse them what they asked.

We Americans observed all this but failed to apply the lesson to ourselves. We regarded-correctly-all those non-Whites as mere herds of animals and were not surprised that they behaved as they did. But we regarded ourselves-incorrectly- as something better.

There was a time when we were better-and we are fighting to insure that there will be such a time again-but for now we are merely a herd, being manipulated through our basest instincts by a pack of clever aliens. We have sunk to the point where we no longer hate our oppressors or try to fight them; we merely fear them and attempt to curry favor with them.

So be it. We will suffer grievously for having allowed ourselves to fall under the Jewish spell.”

4 Comments to “Ultimately, There’s Only One Sure-Fire Way to Tell a WN”

  1. “Many believe, that voting or blogging will win it. There has only ever been one solution, which all white men already know.”

    There is also a growing trend of people thinking lifting weights will win it. While the enemy wages war against us, practices BIBO initiation rituals, plays knockout games against us, rapes our women, runs us over in the streets, etc… our guys lift weights. And brag about their most recent gains.

    No wonder we’re losing.

    • No, lack of group cohesion is why we are losing. Paranoia too. White Nationalism has turned from a gang of white men, to working in secret as an individual. Too many whites are scared of being called racist. Those that are not cannot find the strength to mobilize, or are forced into hiding because one wrong word uttered in public, or being seen associating as a gang is trouble for any white nationalist. Unwarranted Attention is immeaditely sent your way.

      Also, our opsec is atrocious. Are groups are communicating on facebook and twitter still, when there are far more encrypted channels. However, the discipline necessary to use those channels is hard to come by. Our blogging platforms are even run and staffed by the enemy. The real fight begins when we shut down our computers or go full dark web.

      • Well, most WNs are not ready for heavy groupwork yet, A.

        Working in groups is the easiest way to get caught. People talk. The police listen. Murka is a full on police / snitch state right now. Better that we don’t work in groups, than get burned by snitches within our ranks, of which there are many.

        WNs will be better off improving their ability to work on their own. They’ll be able to take more risks and move faster that way.

        They also need alot of help in IDing snitches. It is predictable who will turn and for what reasons. If someone isn’t trained in body language, interview and interrogations, they WILL cooperate with the police.

        I for one, would prefer to eschew encryption and computers altogether. You can’t trust anything electronic. Best to go low-tech and meatspace, like Al Queda, ISIS or the Taliban do.

    • We proceed by degrees, T-man.

      Most white men today have very low testosterone. They are, in fact, physiologically women. No wonder they won’t fight back!

      Lifting will build a pride in them. Today virtually all WNs engage in physical training of some sort, to prepare for confrontations.

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