When WNs Truly Advance, “The Normal World” Will Seem Strange and Alien…

by Ryu

That’s the quantum shift some WNs should expect.

The system white lives in hell. He has a loveless marraige, where is a wage slave for his wife and the government. He sees minos taking over his city, the craziness over cis/trans/pan sexuality, 3rd world immigration and imagines there is nothing he can do about it.

THE ONLY PROBLEM of operating without state permission is that it is so taxing. It is much easier to have permission.

6 Comments to “When WNs Truly Advance, “The Normal World” Will Seem Strange and Alien…”

  1. I think that the only hope for most WN’s anymore Ryu, is to get the hell as far away from the cities as possible. Even to this day you rarely see mino’s or very many LN’s living in the small town areas. I live in a smaller town of about 7500 in a leftwing blue state, and even here there are virtually no mino’s. Yet about 25 miles away is a town of 250K, and it’s dindu and vato central.

    Stay in the west, but go inland away from the coastal blue states, and you should be okay. Think Montana, Wyoming, The Dakota’s, etc. Not easy to do in all cases, and not for everyone I understand, but that’s about as close to white bread Americana as you’re going get anymore.

    Another possibility is the rural south, but due to the population density east of the Mississippi, it’s the least desirable option. When liberals think of such places, it conjures up images of faggot hillbillies, anal rape, and pig squealing contests. Since this presents a massive cognitive dissonance for the liberal (They have to hate rednecks, southerners, and Christians, but also have to worship the ground that fags walk on) they avoid such areas like the plague 😀
    I jest of course, but only a little. It’s amazing the impact that a mere movie can have on the human psyche.

    • Good stuff, Guest.

      Small towns don’t have CCTV, or have few. The police state is much smaller as you get away from the BigLib cities. I too advise living at a rural or small area.

      I liked Deliverance. It wasn’t just about assrape, but avoiding technology.

      • Rural and small town cops are less apt to fuck with you too. Im also spoiled as I am on a first name basis with a couple of the cops around here. So my experience may be different.

        Sheriffs, State Police, and Park Police have a larger jurisdiction in the boons and are what you gotta watch out for. If your already WNing youll be undetectable. Depending on where you live too they may laxily enforce the laws. In my small town and area they will arrest you for having an unsecure gun in the car. About 250 miles north of me they will give you a speeding ticket if they catch you with a gun in your car as long as its for hunting.

      • Gah.

        Being on a first name basis with some cops, they know your face. This severely limits what you can and cannot do. If you get witnessed, you’re screwed. Especially if a composite sketch is drawn, which will be shown at roll call.

        It would be nice to have inside information like that though.

        I have tried to study the police and to get as close as I can, without becoming known or familiar. Privacy and anonymity are power. Once you are known, it is hard to go back.

      • It’s one of my favorite movies as well Ryu. My favorite scenes were the archery related scenes. It reminds one of how effective, yet simple and low tech (not to mention difficult to legislate) the lowly bow and arrow is. The PVC bows are the easiest to make.

      • I looked into bow and arrow forensics awhile back. There’e some good information there, which I would not publish here. Sadly the very best info shouldn’t be discussed.

        One interesting thing though, was that game wardens are the very best at ballistics and firearms evidence. They have to be. Not only do they work alone with no backup, but they deal with guns, poaching, the bow and arrow all the time.

        There’s alot there. I encourage you to hunt for the best information there is.

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