Carrier Pidgeons are Now More Secure than Iphones

by Ryu

What do you think of technology now?

The amount of electronic surveillance is so bad, that to secure themselves, spy agencies like the KGB / FSB rely upon typewriters for word processing, not computers. They have basically been forced to operating as they did in 1975.

The “human” aspect of technology, the so-called “low tech” stuff, will NEVER be obsolete.

What year is it now…2017? 1917? 517? It doesn’t even matter. What really works, always works. Gimmricky and magic have a short lifespan. The technology marketers have conned the public that they have “revolutionized” the world – they have not.

We suggest WNs invest their attentions to areas that always pay off, that rely on human ability, that can be developed by payment in attention and training, not money. It is the only way to be sure.

10 Comments to “Carrier Pidgeons are Now More Secure than Iphones”

  1. Reminds me of Battlestar Galatica – where the tech was so advanced the aliens took over everything except the ‘old tech’ ship.

    Have you watched the movie ‘snowden’? Gives a great glimpse into out surveillance state.

    • I haven’t seen Snowden yet, EK. I shall have to, though. Snowden’s revalations are at least 5 years old; meaning things have advanced beyond that.

  2. Good post Ryu. I’ve always wondered how I would keep in touch if I were to ever run afoul of the law. I think that low tech communications such as the option in the link below, is the way I’d go. Small, compact, cheap, and runs off of a 9v or 12v battery. Have a small solar panel as well (I’d head for the hills in such a scenario). These kits are based on an older technology, and only allow for Morse code due to the simple design. But I would use “code within code” as an extra security measure.

    I heard a troll late one evening on the 80 meter amateur band. He was playing that Family Guy FCC song, and cutting up and making comments. He did this for hours. I figure that he must have been a safe distance from any FCC station to feel so confident in doing so. But a short and simple coded message, would be more difficult for them to triangulate, particularly in remote areas. The other thing is that outside of a few remaining oldsters, no one uses Ham radio these days, so I doubt that the FCC still concentrates their efforts towards monitoring it as they once did.

    HAM Radio 40M CW Shortwave Transmitter Receiver, $9.99.

    • I don’t think the FCC chases down HAMs much. There is a ham organization called the ARRL, which has its own snitch volunteers, who listen to the waves for the FCC. “Self policing” they call it.

      In prison, “shot callers” have to deal with the snitch and police states. They usually go low tech also.

      I too am thinking about the time when we need to leave the internet. WN is too dependent on it today. We’d lose alot if they shut it down or erased all our stuff.

      • Ham is almost completely dead these days Ryu. When I was a kid, it was mostly the WW2 generation that were into it. The last time that I went on, the only activity was a little on 40 meters during the day, and 80 meters at night.

        The good old CB has potential as well, and is also almost completely unused anymore. Hills and large buildings is it’s Kryptonite; something to keep in mind. But with a clear shot, and nothing to stop it, they have great potential., particularly the Single Sideband models.

        I too fear that when the LN’s get back into power, lock, stock, and barrel, that we can fully expect “hate speech” laws to come into effect. If WN doesn’t transition to the dark web, it will all but disappear from the public airwaves.

      • That gives me an idea.

        I got my ham license years ago. They gave me an identifying 6 letter / number codename. You must have one of those too, A.

        It is possible to use a fake codename, and speak in “WNese / red pill” which has its own jargon. A normie wouldn’t be able to understand much of it.

  3. The pigeons are friendly out this way. Ill see if I can catch some. Will have to install cell tower blockers on them though as the radio waves can affect their sense of direction.

    • I didn’t know radio affected their direction. Some gangs used to use pigeons for covert communications. We may have to imitate them.

      • O/T but I feel its necessary to post this here. I had to speak with a female police officer just a few moments ago while wearing a NO MAAM shirt. She was kind of cute. I thought about inviting her out for a cup of coffee, but then realized our cover might be blown (pun intended)

      • Did she know what the shirt meant? Most ppl do not now.

        A cute female cop? Working the streets? That ain’t gonna last long, bro. She’ll wise up quick and get an admin job, where the real money and promotions are. Better act fast.

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