New Murkan Police State Forensics Show: “See No Evil”

by Ryu

CCTV is ***CRITICAL*** in modern investigations.

This series covers the use of cell phones and CCTV. As we have written, Murka is a police state here and now. You can’t even buy a roll of toilet paper anonymously anymore.

Keep in mind, most of the cases covered by this series are 2005-2013 ie old. 5 years have passed with many more cameras put in place and more iphone use.

This series “should” scare the crap out of any WN. You are all living 1984.

A new era of forensics began in about 2005. This is when cameras started being everywhere. Be wary of studying crime in time periods when this wasn’t the case.

It doesn’t mean action is impossible. People get away with things everyday. It does mean, one has to be very, very good. There is no room for luck or laziness anymore.

Sneaky readers will note that there are no (or very few) TV shows that cover “modern” cases circa 2015+. That’s because the police don’t want the public to wise up on how surveilled they actually are.

Work alone, go low-tech, avoid CCTVs…or don’t work at all. That is the only way to do it now.

6 Comments to “New Murkan Police State Forensics Show: “See No Evil””

  1. Burner phones are virtually useless now too. If you use a fake name you have no 4th amendment protections to the data on your device. Theres a couple apps thatll wipe the phone in a couple seconds, but sometimes thats not enough time to swipe the data. Keep all your juicy stuff on a seperate and encrypted linux harddrive partition. Write the password down so its not in your brain and make sure its easily disposed of. Also pick up a harddrive thats at least a few years old. All the new ones can come infected with unfindable nsa forensic software (

    • Things are getting very bad in the USA. Basically, anything electronic can’t be trusted. That show displays this clearly.

      Good find on that NSA thing. It seems they are the world’s biggest hacker group.

      Why do the cops keep visiting you, Akuma? Are you a shit-magnet?

      • Yes. They used to cruise slowly past my old apatment. Now their HQ is on the corner of my street, so I routinely some late night recon.

        In the most recent case there was a drunken gamma threatening to beat people with a soup laddle. The police cruiser swooped up and rolled down its window. Luckily im on a first name basis with this particular cop so I kindly pointed him towards the trouble.

      • You might be lucky.

        You can actually see when the shift change is, how many cops and which units they use on each shift. Every police car has a unique license plate. You’ll also be able to see the cars cop drive into work.

        Cops set patterns or MOs as much as criminals. Sure, they try to randomize things but they fall into routines also.

  2. The military is known to only provide technical assistance to film directors if they tow zog’s line on muh righteous murka. I’d love to sit in on some NYPD liaison’s meeting with a director portraying his/her/xir policemen.

    • I suspect the military is also heavily involved in the video game industry now, G. Seems like they’ve got their tentacles everywhere.

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