Racist Arson Gangs: “The Unseen Cavaliers”

by Ryu

They exist. You just gotta look hard enough to find them.

The first, and most important question: how did they get caught?

Overactivity. They set a pattern which the police studied and eventually they could predict the gang’s next move.

“Equipped with flares, accelerant and a police scanner, prosecutors said the defendants went door-to-door in Hunters Brooke in the drizzly predawn hours of Dec. 6, 2004. They attempted to set fire to 35 unoccupied homes, prosecutors said.”


2 Comments to “Racist Arson Gangs: “The Unseen Cavaliers””

  1. The good ole Molotov cocktail position. It was a status thing, and inevitable blowback from diversity. They should have done the attacks on different nights spread out though. The consistency led to the police knowing who the instigators were. It’s also a terrible tactic to instill fear in the invading populace.

    P.s. The cops payed me a visit again.

    • The tactic being doing a firebomb. The attacks have to be spread out and not following a logical pattern. This is why drug dealers are paranoid about being caught because their arrests do not follow a pattern.

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