When You are the Most Dangerous Man, You Will Fear No One

by Ryu

MMA? SEALs? Delta Force? Marines?

All as children.

The “most dangerous” type of white man is not found in any of the above categories. He is only found in the criminal, forbidden areas which is why he is mostly unknown today.

He is feared because he has no Earthly master and because he operates outside their laws.

As a general rule, whatever The System considers bad, is good for white men. The more “evil”, the better for us.

WNs can take that as far as their curiosity allows. The answers are out there, waiting.

We are offering WNs a world there they can take what they want, according to their own ability and ambitions.

There is no one out there to give you “permission” and “immunity” as the police and military have. But that lack of permission and being able to work alone is a terrific strength. One no cop or soldier can equal, which is why they always fail when they try the same thing.

2 Comments to “When You are the Most Dangerous Man, You Will Fear No One”

  1. Still amazed how that Manchester Muslim put together these explosives by himself. A salute to Salman; if only he had given the UK cucks and libtards a few more lessons in reality.

  2. Heady feeling

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