NYC Jews Have Their Own Police Force

by Ryu


Don’t be. As we have written here, the American police state exists to protect minos, especially (((them)))). Did you really think they would rely on the same police which serve Goyim? Oy!

These are partially paid for by taxpayer dollars, which this article shows:

They are also heavily involved in bribes, which should not be shocking.

It’s not just NYC. This story comes out of Florida.

5 Comments to “NYC Jews Have Their Own Police Force”

  1. This is not new…..This is a jew militia who goes after niggers who are attacking and robbing jews… My trashy thief wigger neighbor told me this group “beat up his friend”….upon further questioning his “friend” was a nigger who robbed a bunch of crap out of a jew’s car…..
    Everyone has a right to defend themselves ….including sleazy jews….

    • Yeah, but the Murkan police don’t protect whites from mino criminals. Just like Swedish and German cops don’t protect the real citizens of those countries. In fact, they work to protect the criminals.

  2. Ryu: I gave you this info a long time ago.

    Other news, did you hear about the nig from Texas who was recently killed in Greece? He messed with Serbians, not Greeks. Don’t mess with Serbs. Serbs were bred for fighting, just ask the Muzzy Ottomans.

    • I know, JS. But the others don’t know about that special treatment the jews are getting.

      I’ll look into the dead nigger. Some of our best men are Serbs.

  3. They have their own ambulance service to and if your not a jew expect some of your organs to be missing when you wake up

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