We Cannot Publish the Best Information…

by Ryu

…no one can.

There are certain areas that “must” be left undiscovered on a public forum.

I am sorry for that. There are some rules and laws that even we have to obey. They were made not by man, but by nature or God. Breaking these rules has definite and predictable consequences.

No one book or source contains all of the information WNs need.

The great problem becomes, how few WNs possess the innate curiosity to hunt down the answers, wherever they may lie.

You determine your own level of involvement, and how far you will ultimately go. If you are serious about being the best you can be, dedicate yourself to your talent.

6 Comments to “We Cannot Publish the Best Information…”

  1. I disagree, it’s like you said yourself, 99% is basics, pointing out the obvious.

    Believing our own lyin’ eyes.

    • What’s missing is important, guest.

      Critically important. It isn’t the 1980s anymore. Balls alone isn’t enough. Some BigLib cities like LA, DC and NYC are locked down tight with cops and CCTV.

      The fact that so few WNs get away with DA should be an indicator. Something’s up.

      • Not only that, but (((good))) whites call the cops for anything. That can be anything from coming home from work after sunset, to stopping on the public sidewalk to chat with an old friend.

        I once had 15 cops follow me out of a suburban neighborhood after the neighbors set off fireworks. One of the shitlibs on the block reported gunfire. Next thing I know im being interrorgated by a cop on a public sidewalk with 15 squad cars trailing him with their lights on.

        Two days before this an suv crusier with its lights off damn near careened into a pIate and me. This was after we rode past one of the neighbors cars on bikes. The neighbor must have called because the cop stated there was an active report of someone on bikes breaking into cars.

        Also, the (((good))) whites dont like any non-mino men being terse in public about meeting privately. If your not invited to the party and its secret, criminal activity is assumed to be taking place.

      • Damn, sounds like you are a shit magnet, Akuma. One of your neighbors must hate you.

        My neighbors are all snitches too. This is very common in Murka today. Goodwhites will call the cops for anything. I try to avoid my neighbors for this very reason.

  2. Can he say that ?

  3. That’s why we need the Dark Web to freely discuss forbidden truth.

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