Expect to Be Mentally Tired After a Mission

by Ryu

To operate without state authority is expensive. Both in terms of money and “emotional currency” ie attention and will.

One of the secret reasons why DAAs don’t try to “get away with it” is because it is very taxing to do so. After a big mission, one is exhausted.

In a way, prison might be considered a place to rest. Anders certainly could have gotten away with it if he wished. One immediately gets the feeling that he was tired and needed a break. The prior 10 years of his life had been directed towards one end.

Sleep is the way the body often handles times of high stress. Going on ops is certainly high stress.

Cops have a term “perp nap.”

In the interrogation room, the suspect will often fall asleep or nod off. Usually, this indicates guilty. You see, the stress of being a criminal has a cost and the body must pay by getting its rest.

The body only has so much reserve. Adrenaline will tax you. Remember this in the calculations.

Don’t plan on being “normal” or “relaxed” post-op. It will take a few days to fully recover; and the bigger the job, the more recovery needed.

4 Comments to “Expect to Be Mentally Tired After a Mission”

  1. Physically Tired After a Mission of hard reasearch on seal porn too

  2. I love naps.

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