What’s Your Police Identification Number?

by Ryu

…your licence plate number.

The reason for license plates is not that the state and the police are deeply concerned about your safety. It is a part of the war on privacy and anonymity.

In many ways, cops are quite anti-privacy and anonymity. The first thing they ask for when meeting a new person is an ID. Every car needs to have an ID on it, every boat, every airplane. True privacy and anonymity frightens the Murkan police.

…except, when it is there own privacy at stake.

American cops guard their own anonymity jealously. They don’t want other people to know they are cops, or where they live, or who their family is.

6 Comments to “What’s Your Police Identification Number?”

  1. Did you happen to catch the one below Ryu? I never for a second bought into this “generation Z is the most conservative generation since the boomer’s” nonsense, that the neo-cons and some others are peddling. As usual, he explains in good detail why it’s all bs. I’ve been out of the public re-education system for many years now, but the one commenter mentioned that they’re starting the kiddies out quite young these days with the homo agenda, as in around age 5.

    • Oh yeah, Guest. I listen to Hell almost everyday. He’s great.

      Gen Z is stratified. They are highly indoctrinated. Yet, the awake white of that gen are very strong at a young age. They make me look moderate. So while many are lost, there are alot of gems.

  2. To be honest Ryu, I’m starting to have second thoughts about this dude. In the second video in the series above, he starts to sound awfully “touchy feely” feminist to me. He mentioned his age as 29, so he’s pretty young to have escaped completely unscathed by the feminist indoctrination, and it really shows here.

  3. My bad Ryu. This was the video that I was referring to, which is not from the series above.

    • Didn’t post in my last post for some reason

      • I noticed that too, G. He is young, like 30 yo. I listened to his “monkey” post. He has never been married, so wasn’t totally buttfucked by the system.

        I don’t think he went through the normal WN sequence. Alot of these new guys just learned through online stuff, not reading Pierce, Rockwell, or Covington.

        Sounds like he’s got a crush on her:)

        He’s still a little young, bra. Maybe he’s scared to go all the way. You will note, he doesn’t talk about action, Brevik, and so on. It will take some time for his WN to mature.

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