Super-SEAL Becomes….a Pornstar!

by Ryu

What to do when you stop pulling triggers for Uncle Beast?

The guy and his wife are supposedly one of those husband/wife teams. His nickname is “Jay Vroom” and she is “Jewels Jade”.

I did some “hard” research on this dude. Here are some NSFW links below:

She’s got tons of vids out:

6 Comments to “Super-SEAL Becomes….a Pornstar!”

  1. Nice. So after “fighting them over there, so that we don’t have to fight them over here”, you’re now reduced to doing porn in order to pay the bills. Worst of all, your wife’s orifice’s have seen more penises than a urinal at a naval officers club.

    I sort of cringe when I see these wounded warrior commercials, and all these former soldiers with missing limbs, or mentally reduced to practically nothing; what a waste. Their heart seems to be in the right place, but by now it should be obvious that the compensation doesn’t match the job title.

    You might like this Ryu. He’s not in the same genre as Hell By The Dashboard Light, but this video is spot on.

    A suckers…err.. soldiers sacrifice

  2. LoLzzzLoLzzzLolz.

    she likes teh buttthex lotsacocka on the boob toob.

    (Couldn’t resist, but it did make more sense than pointing out everything that is wrong with this story.)

  3. So ahh been watching alot of navy seal porn have we.Who is your favorite seal there ah

  4. I just read you piece about doing hard research on porn done by a so called navy seal and guess what my conclusion is that while you were looking at some guy having sex you got hard

  5. Title to post is wrong. Should read, Super-Seal Becomes…. A Super-Simping Cuck! What self respecting man in his right mind does that shit?

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