Do the Parks in Your Area Have CCTV?

by Ryu

More and more city parks in the “Land of the Free” have CCTVs in them.

Popular places are near the entrance/exit points, near the bathrooms, on the telephone pole, or near the picnic tables.

CCTV is becoming the most dangerous portion of the Murkan police state. A video camera isn’t just an electronic device….it is a witness with perfect memory. Many of the videos are time-stamped, and their recordings can be digitally cleaned up, to make the picture even more clear.

It is hard to find privacy and anonymity. You’re never really alone in Murka today. Beware.

6 Comments to “Do the Parks in Your Area Have CCTV?”

  1. I recall the guy a few years back, that was arrested for squatting in a national forest. He was picked up by satellite. He should have picked a heavily forested spot to help hide him, and to break up any infrared signature. National forests probably only have CCTV at the frequently habited regions, such as a trailhead, campground, ranger station, or entrances.

    The swine are using drones more and more for spying, but they’re limited in range, so they typically won’t be sending one way out to spy on the Dick Proenneke types. Of course, as with tanks and APC’s, some of the larger pig pens will probably get the militaries hand me downs. Then they can execute you long distance style, without putting themselves in any danger at all.

    Short of erasing one’s digital footprint, and “going Jeremiah Johnson on society” there aren’t many options to avoid it. If you live within the murkan police state, expect to be under constant surveillance.

  2. Oh, and is it just me, or does anyone else’s bullshit detector go off when ever something like the recent congressman shooting goes down, and one of the lefts sacred cows (Not only a black woman, but a lesbian to boot; double bonus!) swoops in to save the day, and save the evil white male? It’s about as bad as that bullshit hidden figures movie. I don’t claim to know the full details, but I’m highly suspicious!

  3. Meh. A hoodie can thwart those cameras.

  4. I’m so sick of the evil traitors who completely control our land and (almost) seem to BE our land.

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