Most of the Sleeping Whites Are Already Dead

by Ryu

In other words, trying to “wake people up” has a low success rate.

We are reaching the point where it “should” be clear what is going on. Immigrants increase whoever is in office. Marriage is just becoming a worse deal. More CCTV cameras appear every day.

The pimping of white girls in England doesn’t work. Almost continual Muzz attacks in London doesn’t work. There are a large portion of whites who simply cannot be educated and because they will not work for us, cannot be saved.

The number of advanced WNs and their resources is limited. For the time being, we must engage in triage. This is an allocation of resource depending upon probability of success.

We are promoting the logical extension of the NAJ (New And Jews) and TDO (The Daily Outrage) rejection. There is no longer anything to be shocked about when negros polarbear-hunt or when Muzz drive into civilians. Such incidents awaken the fence-sitters, but do nothing for the invested liberal.

We advocate a PUA-type view that “you are the prize.” Let them recruit you. See how far they have gone. A WN with 5+ years experience is hard to find in real life. What you see online is deceptive, because they tend to coagualate because of shared interest.

16 Comments to “Most of the Sleeping Whites Are Already Dead”

  1. The “happening” school of predictions has some good observations about cascade failures, but read far too much into minor affairs. We have seen this in real time yesterday, where the real news was that the weakness of pension funds, and therefore the economic underpinnings of the police state, was important enough to raise interest rates, and yet all discussion ran towards a random liberal drunk.

    I think this school of thought goes to show, as you and Firepower have so often pointed out, that many readers are far more interested in TDO. This does go on to create a negative feedback loop where the usual recruitment channels now are drowned out by demands for constant TDO, which in turn selects for that are more likely to have issues with our modern society.

    Even if one is the prize, there is a distinct shortage of ways to establish enough credibility that one would be recruited by interested parties.

    • A man has to avoid reading the daily news, to an extent. Most of it isn’t important at all.

      Most of the readers here are advanced enough that they will never meet a better WN in real life. A true WN is rare IRL. It is easy to tell someone with potential. I find young white kids are the best recruits now.

  2. Most alcoholics will not admit to being one, because #1 denial ,they would have to admit what an asso they have been by not seeing the truth, reality ect.and are and being helpless. It takes a real man to admit his mistakes #2 pride in the deniers shoes means a false pride and false sense of reality and a beleif everything is under control

  3. FP’s writing on Muzz VS Western Whites sums everything up about Murka.

    And Murkan wites were stupid in the 1st place. They imported nigs to pick cotton.

    Muzz used nigs to extract gold from the mines. Spanyols later did the same in Latin America, when miggas were not as effective.

  4. Paradoxically, it might take them becoming even deader to finally wake them up.
    I’m talking a terminal cancer diagnosis here.
    Unfortunately, many cancers are only first diagnosed when the symptoms become almost intolerable.

  5. This is an evolutionary bottleneck. If we can survive and our genetics can make it past this attempted genocide, the resulting Whites will be one step closer to being Gods. The whites who won’t or are not able to awaken are dangerous and damaged baggage that needs to be jettisoned.

    • Whites who are not racially conscious can still be useful if they have white children. Their children may go on to become WN. In the final analysis it is reproduction that enables our race to survive so as long as Whites are reproducing they don’t need to be awake. They are aiding their race without knowing it.

      • Do you think White racial consciousness is more “nurture” than “nature”? Is it not possible the white race is splitting? Or rather, those whose genetics demand “assimilation” committing racial suicide and those whose genetics demand continuity racially surviving.

    • Ive been thinking the same thing about this is going to be a big generation if your genes make it through.

  6. I don’t think White racial consciousness is genetic-yet. Because there are WN’s who’s children have gone on to become suicidal and suicidal Whites who nonetheless don’t miscegenate, have white children then those children become WN. I think our racial consciousness will increase genetically in the future. As our numbers decline due to a low birth rate, those Whites who reproduce will be those who consciously chose to stay White, whereas suicidal liberals won’t have any white children or will miscegenate.

    • That’s good, Joey. Liberal whites don’t seem to have many white kids. Only the tradcons do. One might even say they hate white kids.

  7. “We advocate a PUA-type view that “you are the prize.” Let them recruit you. See how far they have gone. A WN with 5+ years experience is hard to find in real life. What you see online is deceptive, because they tend to coagualate because of shared interest. ”


    Anything else is counterproductive.

    Similar to how jews can claimed to be either “white” or jewish when convenient, libtards can claim to be both “anti-racist” and White when they want.

    They are in practice betting on both sides.

    “You are the price” forces them to pick a side and stick with it.

  8. Yes, whites really are persecuted in America and Yeah and jewmurkia is a nightmare,

  9. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our commu5nity and I enjoyed reading your work. If “OK” please let me know via email.


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