Murka’s Best Uncaught Arsonists: The Santiago Fire

by Ryu

10 years, a quarter million dollar reward, and the torch still isn’t caught. The man is a genius.

No crime offers the profit or reward/risk ratio that arson does. With starting materials which cost only a few dollars, one can cause millions of dollars of damage and tie up enormous amounts of system resources.

Human life isn’t worth much to the system. One has to attack the infrastructure, which costs them money. That, they do feel.

There is a reference to “knowledge about how to cause the most damage” using fire. This is a simple affair – read wildfire prevention texts in reverse. How to promote a fire, how to spread it quickly, how to delay ignition. And not the baby-texts for the public, but the technical books used by real firefighters and fire investigators.

The information is out there. Sometimes, one just has to apply creativity to the interpretation of things, that is all.

One Comment to “Murka’s Best Uncaught Arsonists: The Santiago Fire”

  1. The arsonist of the Gatlinburg, TN fires was the son of a local cop. Him and his friend were throwing lit matches at each other when his shirt caught fire and he tossed his shirt away into the brush as a reflex. So I reckon not all fires are intentional.

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