Newsflash: 3 White Christians Drive Van into Crowd and Knife 50 Muzz!

by Ryu

How much balls would that take?

And would we see the same response from the media? “Oh, not all whites are like that.” “We must all come together now.” “We in the Press are worried about revenge against the white community.”

Yeah, that’s exactly the problem.

Violence works – cops use it, soldiers use it, Muzz use it. Only group is not allowed to use it: White Nationalists. Everyone else gets a pat on the back and a pass when they do it.

England is a police state TODAY. But all that surveillance isn’t for catching “criminals” or miggers. It is for keeping the white race in check while the enemy runs his soft genocide racket.

I know the place WNs are mentally. At one time, a man can either feel greed or fear. Most WNs know everything about fear but nothing about the greed.

Violence works against WNs; The System and minos do it everyday. What is unknown to most, is the effect violence has on the enemy. Violence works on them too; it works on everyone.

It is an unknown universe, “another world” for WNs to be the ones causing the fear. Have you ever seen your enemy begging for his life? He didn’t mean it. He’s very sorry. He has a wife and children that he loves. Just let him go and it will never happen again. He promises.

This is something that must be experienced, it is something a man must TAKE for himself. No one is going to give white men permission. In fact, that permission that cops, soldiers and Muzz get weakens them, because they can’t make moves without it. We have cataloged extensively here how poorly they do. Even the great Mossad takes 30 agents to do a one man job. Sad.

Work alone…or don’t work. Don’t trust anyone fully, not even me. That is how it has to be. The ones who operate below the radar, that don’t make the headlines, are the ones that get away with it. No motive, no forensic evidence, no witnesses…a ghost.

6 Comments to “Newsflash: 3 White Christians Drive Van into Crowd and Knife 50 Muzz!”

  1. Cops protect white druggies too. I have police reports where the information about the druggies is redacted.

    • And actually I watched the cop black it out in real time. He didn’t do it to the guy ahead of me in line though.

  2. Some of these recent attacks have been very weak though. I wonder if someone is going to do it right again.

    • It is hard to get away with it today, RH.

      Murka’s a police state now. CCTV everywhere. Not many people are willing to do the work that leads to escape.

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