This is a “Hate Site”! WNs Must Not Lose Their Edge

by Ryu

WNs must be careful not to sacrifice their ideals for popularity.

Breibart is a sort of Alt Light site, where some beginner nationalists cut their teeth before they take off the training wheels. The problem is, BB is half-cucked. Two authors were rebuked after making the following comments recently:
“There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there.”
“People think I’m kidding when I say this but the crusades need to come back.”

Those comments are quite moderate in the universe of the possible. One could easily say all Muzz should be put into camps, or that Christians should behead Muzz, or that all of them should be shot.

A common problem today in WN is incomplete education. Noobs tend to have holes in their WN. Alot of this is due to authors moderating their message to make is palatable to the system tongue. They get recruits, but the recruits are ideologically weak and easy to push around.

To make a good racist leader takes 5 years minimum; most who start will not endure. Like a deer in the woods, they must live and grow under the threat of the hunter. The USA is already a police state right now. The only reason they don’t try a hard genocide is that they can’t afford it.

We do not write for noobies here. This is a hate site for racist, White Supremacist, Neo Nazis. We use words like nigger, spic, kike, and gook because others cannot. These are secret words, which only the initiated can wield. If someone can’t even write nigger, they are not worthy of being saved.

Accept no substitute. There are many fake WNs out there. In the end, there will be only one test: the ability to eradicate minos. It is the one thing that cannot be faked.

12 Comments to “This is a “Hate Site”! WNs Must Not Lose Their Edge”

  1. I suppose it’s a safe bet to say that it was my previous comment that fueled today’s article Ryu. Oh well, it’s good to be the source of some inspiration I suppose, even if it does reflect poorly on me.

    Speaking of moderate sites, the last time that I visited Stormcuck, it was full of feminists and white knight, mangina nu-males. There’s an entire site devoted to rebuilding the white race, and one half of the problem to the cause is the type of members that they’re attracting. If they really want to make a difference, they could start by banning all the god damn feminists. Feminists don’t breed anyways, and when they do, the types of children that they bear will almost certainly not be of any use to the cause.

    • Which one? I wrote this in response to the moderates at Breibart. We love you here!

      StormCuck was never PUA or MGTOW aware. They have a big hole in their education, and it shows. White women are a part of the problem, to a high degree. We must eliminate feminism and get women barefoot in the kitchen.

      • The comment below Ryu. But from your reaction, I guess I called it wrong.

        Indeed, feminism = death; must be stopped! But other than a few online venues, I rarely seem to run into anyone that possesses the common sense to see it for how truly destructive it really is.

        There are a couple of posters on Stormcuck that seem to have the right stuff. Which makes one wonder why they’re wasting their time there to begin with.

        May 17, 2017 at 10:25 pm

      • I listen to “Hell by the Dashboard” almost everyday, Guest. He’s good. That was a great find by you. I agree with almost everything he says.

        No WN is perfect, though some are more complete than others. “Hell” doesn’t talk about action yet, and may not be able to. He is using his real voice and could be traced via his videos. It is something he will run into within a few years (if he lasts).

        People may be staying at SF because they don’t know other good sites are out there. Very few sites can teach both beginner and advanced material on the same site. It’s like, the two don’t mix. I started at SF, for a few months.

  2. Don’t forget Kaffir and Chink.

    Also joke time: Why do niggers call their car a whip?

  3. Thanks Ryu. I think that he’s pretty limited with what he can say. youtube recently passed a series of “hate speech” regulations. They’ve already cracked down on the comparatively milder MGTOW content. Open WN thoughts would probably never fly, at least not for long.

    SF’s probably the biggest and best known of the lot. If you type in anything WN related it’s usually one of the first to come up.

  4. Breibart is ok, but just barely. Way too ‘go america’ / good old boy christian, they even have an isreal section.

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