There are No Strong, Independent Women….

by Ryu


Western feminists have submitted completely to Unca Beast and his mino minions.

One commenter at Roissy’s gets it:
“The power of Afroasians over others is very easily explained: fear.

Arabs, Blacks and some of their immediate neighbors are very prone to use violence – even extreme violence – at the drop of a hat.

In the case of women, even the most militant feminist ‘submits’ to Islam so easily because she does not want to get beaten, knifed or stoned. She has no such thing to fear in dealing with White guys.”

White men just don’t inspire fear. Nature hates a masculine void. That’s why white women run to the next BigMan, whether it is the USG or Islam. They need protection and they don’t care where it comes from.

3 Comments to “There are No Strong, Independent Women….”

  1. I disagree. As a blonde haired, blue eyed, high forehead, high IQ, and white heterosexual male I have totally smacked a white bitch in my day. On a couple occasions its gone more than that.

    The only reason our enemy’s get away with violence is because the Ayran that will utilize violence is so rare that it seems deviant. Just earlier today I stared down a dindu and two white females smiled and flocked towards me. The dindu even knew not to enter my direct vicinity despite being more jacked looking than me. The interaction was tense and even his dog knew to back down. I was in hick county when this happened too. The dindu was also the only nigger at an all white event.

    Heartiste and his Cucks of the Round Table have never walked the ghetto streets after dark. They still think this war can be won with blogging. Real world data disagrees with them, but alas they are lost causes. It’s time this fight is taken to the real world. Only then will the true Alphas (Sigmas) amongst our tribes reveal themselves.

    • 30 seconds after the above comment was posted a can of two dindus rolled past slow. They slowed and stared and then continued on there way. It’s almost like god wants me to ignite the coming race war.

      • The Bucks won’t attack you until its a sneak attack, they have more numbers, and they have more weapons. Something to remember.

        Take care not to get caught. In truth, they should fear us. They rely heavily on police protection from us, though they do not know it.

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