We Salute…The Mosque Burglar!

by Ryu

Betcha haven’t heard of this guy yet. The MSM, like the Murkan police, is selective in the news they air. They do not want to inspire copycats.

Stealing money from our enemies is a novel solution. It just happens that some forms are more well-known than others.

The guy we are referring to ripped 3 Alabama mosques, 2 in Arizona, and one in Virginia. All 6 jobs occurred in Feb and March.

The take in one of the jobs was 1500$. It seems mosques are open all the time, and the money is found in donation boxes. In one case, the take was 7K.

This will be a Police State Case. What will bust him is his car and the CCTV. All cars in the USA have a license plate number aka your police identification number. His image has already been captured on CCTV.

It won’t take long for the police to run his facial picture versus all state driver’s license pics. He may have left prints at the scene.

He is going to get a knock on his door one day in the future. The CCTV recorded his face, which will be run through Facial Recognition Software. His driver’s license pic will be compared and make the ID. The FBI will be involved (due to “hate crime” charges), which will increase police resources available.

We don’t know how much footwear impression, fingerprints, hair, DNA, and other evidence he left at the scene. It will take a great skill for him to get away with it “in the long run” now.

He is very lucky that the police didn’t do a mass appeal for witnesses on the TV yet. Then surely, one of his “friends” or neighbors would turn him in.

Here is a case of a similar man being arrested.

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